9 Asian-inspired restaurants, markets, gardens and more in Birmingham

Bay Leaf food
Tons of delicious food + beautiful places. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Have you ever dreamed of taking a trip to the Taj Mahal or the Great Wall of China? Do you think the only place to try real Asian food is in Asia? Well, good news! Birmingham is full of authentic Asian-inspired restaurants, buildings, markets and more. Keep reading to discover The Magic City in a new way. 

Restaurants + markets

We already know Bham has an amazing food scene and these Asian-inspired restaurants just add to the fun. Check out these Indian, Chinese, Japanese cuisines and everything in-between. Warning, don’t read on an empty stomach, cause you def will want to try them all.

1. Bay Leaf

Bay Leaf food
Brb, heading to Bay Leaf. (Hannah Chambley / Bham Now)

If you are a fan of spicy and flavorful meals, Bay Leaf will be your new best friend. Try their Tahgra Chili Chicken if that is inspired from the streets of Tangra, Kolkata.

2. Super Oriental Market

These colorful mooncakes look incredible. (Super Oriental Market)

Red Pearl’s Asian market, Super Oriental Market is the perfect place to take in Asian culture and find you new fav food.

3. Shu Shop

Shu Shop
The best ramen in town. (Grace Howard / Bham Now)

Located in the heart of Birmingham’s theater district, Shu Shop is an authentic Japanese restaurant that is known for its delicious ramen and fun sake flavors. If you are looking for a stellar food menu and good vibes, this is the place to be.

4. Red Pearl

Red Pearl 9 Asian-inspired restaurants, markets, gardens and more in Birmingham
You can’t go wrong with any of Red Pearl’s dishes. (Red Pearl)

Those seeking authentic asian food, Red Pearl has it all. The chicken fried rice is out of this world, so be sure to count on Red Pearl if you’re craving Chinese food.

5. Mr. Chen’s

Mr. Chen's
These dumplings from Mr. Chen’s are what dreams are made of. (Mr. Chen’s)

You can’t think about Birmingham Chinese food without thinking of Mr. Chen’s. There’s something special and authentic about this spot on Green Springs Highway that people love to visit. They’re know for their variety in taste and their fresh ingredients.

6. Hometown Supermarket

Storefront of Mr. Chen's Supermarket
Time to do some shopping. (Cheyenne Trujillo / Bham Now)

Hometown Supermarket is the Asian market connected to Mr. Chen’s. The staff is super friendly and willing to help you find the perfect products to complete your at-home Asian-inspired meal. You can find fresh fish, produce, dry goods and more, all without leaving the country.

Buildings + nature

From Japanese cherry blossom tree to rich, colorful temples, Birmingham hosts tons of Asian-inspired sites that you may not know about.

7. Birmingham Botanical Asian Garden

birmingham botanical gardens, asian garden
My favorite view. (Emma Johnston / Bham Now)

One of my favorite spots in Birmingham is the Asian Gardens at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. There will you find coy fish, red bridges, Japanese-style huts, Asian-native plants and much more. It truly feels like you are being transported into a quaint Asian town.

8. BMA Sculpture Garden

asian-inspired garden
(Emma Johnston / Bham Now)

Looking for a place to relax and unwind? The outdoor sculpture garden at the Birmingham Museum of Art is the perfect place, especially as Spring is in the horizon. You will find multiple Hindu and Indian inspired pieces, plus Japanese cherry blossom trees blooming.

9. Hindu Temple

hindu temple hoover
(The Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of Birmingham / Facebook)

Whether you are a part of the Hindu religion, interested in learning more or want to participate in the numerous activities and festivals hosted, the Hindu Temple in Pelham is a stunning and awe-inspiring place. You can see the rich culture through the paintings and temples, it is hard to remember you are still in Birmingham.


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