Travel back in time at these 10 restaurants, bars + more in Birmingham

The House of Found Objects
Step into a time machine and visit a whole new place. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Are you ready to take a trip through time? Cool news—you don’t even have to leave Birmingham! Although we aren’t technologically advanced enough for some true time-travel action, we do have some places that make you feel like we do. From groovy 70’s interiors to secret 20’s speakeasies, you can travel to these amazing spots without a time machine.

1. Sloss Furnaces – 19th Century

Sloss Furnaces Travel back in time at these 10 restaurants, bars + more in Birmingham
Can you hear the steam in the pipes of the iconic Sloss Furnaces? (Buffy Lockette)

One of the most historic landmarks in the history of Birmingham is Sloss Furnaces. From 1882 to 1971 it operated as a pig iron-producing blast furnace and since closing, it’s been preserved as a national historic landmark.

2. Cobb Lane – 19th Century

Cobb Lane 3 Travel back in time at these 10 restaurants, bars + more in Birmingham
I feel like I’m in an episode of Bridgerton. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

When you walk the historic streets of Cobb Lane in Five Points, you’ll feel like you are fresh out of the 19th century. The beautiful signature houses are absolutely amazing.

3. Morris Avenue – 19th Century

Parts of Morris Avenue are still covered in cobblestone. Photo by Libby Foster for Bham Now.
You can almost hear the horse-drawn carriages. (Libby Foster / Bham Now)

Take a stroll down one of Birmingham’s most iconic streets, Morris Ave—and we’re not just saying that because the awesome Bham Now office is located there. The street is lined with cobblestone and beautiful brown-brick shops. It’s definitely a must-visit for anyone stopping by The Magic City.

4. Rickwood Field – 20th Century

Rickwood Field The Souths Finest Ball Park Travel back in time at these 10 restaurants, bars + more in Birmingham
Take a trip through time with a classic ball-game.

Did you know Birmingham’s very own Rickwood Field is the oldest professional baseball park? Enjoy an old-school game without the distraction of big screens and loud music.

5. The Marble Ring – 20’s

The Marble Ring
Put on your coolest flapper attire and party like Gatsby. (The Marble Ring / Facebook)

The Marble Ring next to Avondale Park is sure to transport you back to the 1920’s with its speakeasy vibes and Art Deco-themed decor. Order a specialty craft cocktails like the “Great Bambino” made with Rittenhouse Rye, Miles Madeira, Hoodoo, Absinthe, Angostura and Orange Bitters.

6. Grand River Drive-In – 50’s

Drive In
Grab your bestie and some popcorn. (Matthew Niblett / Bham Now)

Grand River Drive-In offers new and classic movies for all to enjoy. Grab your closest friends, some comfy pillows and blankets and have a fun night.

7. House of Found Objects – 70’s

The House of Found Objects
The grooviest spot in the Magic City. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

The House of Found Objects is one of the coolest spots in Downtown Birmingham. With shag rugs, lava lamps and low lighting, you’ll feel like you entered an episode of That 70’s Show. They also have some funky costumes if you and your friends are in the mood to dress up.

8. Mom’s Basement – 80’s

Birmingham, Mom's Basement, comedy shows, comedians, comics, comedy
Mom’s Basement is the ultimate 80’s hangout. (Mom’s Basement)

Grab that vintage Alf T-shirt and head to Mom’s Basement. The bar offers the perfect 80’s vibe of sitting in your friend’s wood-paneled basement with awkward family photos hanging along the walls.

9. The Red Mountain Cut – 80’s

Red Mountain Cut Geologic Walkway
Look at that beautiful structure. (Jeff E. Newman)

If you want to feel like you’re in Stand By Me, take a look at the Red Mountain Cut. Currently, the path is inaccessible, however, there are plans to build a brand-new walkway through it so you can see the beautiful geological structure.

10. The Garage – 90’s

The Garage
One of the coolest patios in Birmingham. (The Garage)

The Garage is one of the coolest gems in the Birmingham area. They have awesome grunge decor and interesting antiques in the windows of their back patio. Plus, their sandwiches are amazing.

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