6 spots to get a delicious king cake around The Magic City

Edgar's Bakery king cake in Birmingham
Is there a pastry that Edgar’s isn’t famous for? (Edgar’s Bakery / Facebook)

Mardi on—the most festive Tuesday of the year is coming up soon, so it’s time to chow down NOLA style. Read on to find out where you can get a taste of Mardi Gras in The Magic City with these delicious king cakes.

1. Birmingham Breadworks

Birmingham Breadworks Mural
Birmingham Breadworks mural. (Terri Robertson / Bham Now)

They’re baking bread, pastries and now—drum roll, please—king cake! From now until Mardi Gras, stop by Birmingham Breadcakes for a slice or whole cake of this fan-fav festive treat.

2. Continental Bakery

Continental Bakery 6 spots to get a delicious king cake around The Magic City
Continental Bakery has some of the best sweets in town. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Nestled in the English Village, Continental Bakery is cute as cute can be. Adding to their sweet, delectable lineup of pastries and baked goods, their king cake is a must-try. They’ll be serving these up soon, so get ready to stop by the bakery to grab one and a warm latte while you’re at it.

3. Edgar’s Bakery

Edgar's Bakery king cake and plastic baby
King cakes at Edgar’s Bakery come with a baby on the outside. (Edgar’s Bakery / Facebook)

It’s no secret that Edgar’s Bakery is famous for its scrumptious king cakes. They have loads of options, including traditional, cream cheese filling, pecan praline and strawberry cream cheese. These yummy bites of NOLA are available for pickup or delivery.

4. Hero Doughnuts

King cakes are back and better than ever at Hero Doughnuts. With fluffy brioche bread, a vanilla glaze, milk jam, frosting and sprinkles, you’ll be transported to NOLA from The Magic City. You can preorder one of these delicious cakes online.

5. Savage’s Bakery

savageskingcake 6 spots to get a delicious king cake around The Magic City
You can’t go wrong with a King Cake from Savage’s Bakery. (Savage’s Bakery)

Head over to Homewood to find one of these sweet treats. Savage’s Bakery is making some of the best king cakes with their cream cheese and cinammon options. Either stop by the bakery or call (205) 871-4901 to order one of these mouth-watering cakes.

6. The Heavenly Donut Company

king cake
A festive treat for you. (The Heavenly Donut Company / Facebook)

Are you craving a bite of NOLA just for yourself? This is your sign to munch on one of The Heavenly Donut Company’s tasty king cake donuts. They may be smaller than a cake, but they’re packed with flavor.

Are you in the Huntsville area? Check out these 10 spots in town to get a delicious king cake.

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