55% of our respondents said they hadn’t heard of the new Alexander Shunnarah billboard—what about you?

(Alexander Shunnarah)
A new sign is coming. (Alexander Shunnarah)

The current talk of the town is the new Alexander Shunnarah billboard that is being installed on top of the Two North Twentieth building. According to our most recent LinkedIn poll, “What are your thoughts on the HUGE Alexander Shunnarah billboard coming to downtown Birmingham?”, most respondents said they haven’t heard about it. We believe that opinion will soon be changed. Keep reading to view the results.

What are your thoughts on the Alexander Shunnarah billboard coming to downtown Birmingham?

Alexander billboard
A third of the billboard has been done. (Emma Johnston / Bham Now)

Last week, our audience had the chance to vote on what they thought about the new, huge Alexander Shunnarah billboard in downtown Birmingham on Bham Now’s LinkedIn. Here were the choices they could pick from:

  • Haven’t heard about it
  • Love it
  • Not a fan

The results

linkedin poll
(Bham Now / LinkedIn)

With nearly 500 votes from our LinkedIn audience, most voted to say they had not heard about the new billboard. The next most voted for were our respondents saying they were not a fan, rounding in at 38%.

Our poll started some chatter in the comments, with one LinkedIn follower saying, “Alex is the best! I counted his billboards one time from Hoover to Nashville! There were over 75!” Next time you are on a road trip, play a game of counting how many Alexander billboards you pass along the way.

It is also worth mentioning the breaking Facebook post which accumulated 425 reactions and 260 comments, all with varying opinions.

“I would like to see the digital sign return,” said one Facebook commenter, referring to the old backlit digital billboard that used to be atop the building.

“Congratulations Alex! You deserve it. One of Alabama’s brightest and best Attorneys,” praised another Facebook commenter. No matter your opinion on it, the sign has already done the advertising it intends to do.

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