The 19th annual Salamander Festival returns to Homewood High School on Jan. 28

salamander festival
See the northern red salamander and more at the Salamander Festival. (Bham Now)

The annual Salamander Festival is returning on Saturday, January 28 at Homewood High School. This will be the first in-person festival since 2020. Keep reading to learn what you can expect at this year’s event.

The Homewood salamanders

Northern Slimy Salamander. (Freshwater Land Trust)

Have you ever found a salamander in your backyard or home? The Homewood Forest Preserve is home to nine different species of salamanders. The most common of the bunch is the spotted salamander.

The salamanders find comfort under rocks and logs during the year. Towards the end of January, on a warm, rainy night, you may be able to find them out and about as they migrate to local ponds to mate. The amphibians cross South Lakeshore just east of Homewood High School.

What to expect at the Salamander Festival

The event is hosted by Friends of Shades Creek, a local nonprofit that supports and protects the 56-mile-long creek. During the event, different groups will be on hand to educate participants about environmental awareness and protection, focusing on the Homewood salamanders. This event is open to the public and is for all ages. You will also find other fun activities such as:

  • Arts + crafts
  • Hike to the salamander ponds on South Lakeshore Drive
  • Live music
  • Refreshments
  • Tour of the high school’s rain garden

Here are the deets for the event:

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