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Alabama Nonprofits
(L-R): Carla Smotherman, Danielle Dunbar, Terra Mortensen, & Gaynelle Jackson of Alabama Association of Nonprofits. (Bham Now)

When you hear the word “nonprofit”, you likely think of people helping people. But who’s helping Alabama’s nonprofits thrive? The answer is Alabama Association of Nonprofits (AAN). Read on to learn about this special organization and how it strives to lead our state’s nonprofits to success. Interested in having AAN guide your nonprofit to success? Sign up to be an AAN member here.

About Alabama Association of Nonprofits

Alabama nonprofits
Making an impact in Alabama. (Alabama Association of Nonprofits)

Founded in 1996, AAN is a membership-based organization formed to serve the needs of Alabama’s growing nonprofit sector. Its mission—to strengthen and support Alabama nonprofit organizations in serving their communities.

To do this, AAN focuses on providing nonprofits with professional development courses, networking events, one-on-one consulting and more. Pretty great, right?

3 nonprofits Alabama Association of Nonprofits is leading to success

1. Addiction Prevention Coalition

Addiction Prevention Coalition
APC hosts annual fundraising walks to support the Birmingham community. (Addiction Prevention Coalition / Facebook)

Addiction Prevention Coalition (APC), a nonprofit community resource, strives to be a leader in addiction prevention by providing education and support programs designed to help families cope. 

To help grow the organization in impact and quality, APC became a member of AAN.

“Leading a nonprofit is complex. You have to have knowledge of many things such as fundraising, grant writing and management, marketing, financial oversight and policies and procedures. AAN understands the ins and outs of non-profit development and management and offers excellent training for every facet of this business.

I am very grateful for AAN and all they provide for non-profits around our state.  They are a shining star organization!”

Carie Wimberly, Executive Director, Addiction Prevention Coalition

2. Empowered to Conquer

Empower to Conquer
Guiding students through faith and education. (Empowered to Conquer)

Another Alabama nonprofit that has benefited from AAN’s guidance is Empowered to Conquer. Created and founded by Brittany Hogan, the organization is dedicated to empowering students to discover their full potential through faith and education. New to the nonprofit world, Hogan leaned heavily on AAN in order to help the organization grow.

“From one-on-one calls with the Executive Director to informative seminars, they never disappoint. The depth of insight, accountability and thus integrity AAN brings to our sector is impeccable. AAN builds and strengthens nonprofits as we build healthy communities and for that I am grateful!”

Brittany Hogan, Founder & Executive Director, Empowered to Conquer 

3. Wild Alabama

Wild Alabama
Serving Alabama’s wild places helps them flourish. (Wild Alabama)

Wild Alabama, a reborn nonprofit that grew out of the regional organization Wild South, focuses on educating people to enjoy, value and protect Alabama’s wild places. When Maggie Johnston took over as Executive Director in 2021, she sought guidance from AAN to learn the ins and outs running and leading a nonprofit.

“I have not only taken classes from AAN in management, grant writing and leadership but also enjoyed connecting with other executive directors who are going through similar stages of developing an organization.”

Maggie Johnston, Executive Director, Wild Alabama

According to Johnston, connections are also an important part of the nonprofit world.

“AAN is the ultimate connector! They help both new and old nonprofits learn more and connect to each other and funders.” 

Maggie Johnston, Executive Director, Wild Alabama

Why you should sign up to become an AAN Member

Training nonprofits. Alabama Association of Nonprofits
Training + networking are two ways AAN helps nonprofits excel. (Alabama Association of Nonprofits)

Do you love what you’ve learned so far about AAN’s impact on Alabama’s nonprofits? We do, too! But we have even more reasons why you should sign up to become an AAN Member. Here are some to know:

  • Deepen your mission impact. With skills + tools provided by AAN, you can achieve more as well as better measure your nonprofit’s effectiveness.
  • Access to Professionals. You’ll have access to AAN’s Job Board—one of the most utilized tools in the state when searching for a nonprofit professional. 
  • Build Your Capacity. By attending AAN’s training + conferences on essential topics like fundraising, marketing and advocacy, you’ll lead more effectively + improve your organization’s outcomes.
  • Network With Your Peers. Share ideas, exchange solutions + build a support team through AAN’s network.
  • Foster Collaboration. You’ll create strategic partnerships through AAN to serve your clients more effectively.

You’ll also save time by receiving fast and reliable answers to your management and governance questions as well as save money with access to discounts on products and services available only to AAN members. The chance to save time and money… who could resist?

Learn more about AAN Member benefits here.

Ready to sign up to become an AAN Member?

Good choice! To sign up, all you have to do is visit this website and follow the instructions provided.

For details and assistance, contact Carla Smotherman at carla@alabamanonprofits.org or by calling 205.726.4712.

Want to learn more about Alabama Association of Nonprofits? Visit their website and follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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