5 reasons Alabama School of Fine Arts is a great choice for your 6-10 grader—apply now


Alabama School of Fine Arts
Dance is one of ASFA’s six specialties. (Alabama School of Fine Arts)

Parents and students—if you’re looking for a challenging, yet supportive school environment with a diverse community, Alabama School of Fine Arts (ASFA) needs to be on your radar. ASFA encourages students to discover and fulfill their individual creative abilities with specialty-focused education. Keep reading for five reasons to consider ASFA for your 7-11 grader.

ASFA is currently accepting applications for the 2023-24 school year.

1. ASFA is unlike any other school

Alabama School of Fine Arts is a state-funded public school that provides an intensive specialty-focused education in the arts, math, and science to 350 students with outstanding talent from across Alabama.

What makes ASFA different? ASFA takes a deep-dive approach to education by providing students with daily devoted hours to their specialty to elevate their skills and knowledge. Under the guidance of distinguished faculty who are accomplished practitioners in their fields, ASFA students gain an essential understanding of themselves and their goals through the lens of their chosen discipline.

PLUS—ASFA will accept its first class of 7th-grade math-science students this year. Previously, the earliest that students could attend as math-science students was 8th grade.

2. ASFA provides a specialty focused education

ASFA Sept 2022 212 edited 5 reasons Alabama School of Fine Arts is a great choice for your 6-10 grader—apply now
The art created by these students is amazing. (Alabama School of Fine Arts)

Another thing that makes ASFA stand out is that it provides an intensive specialty-focused education for students in six areas:

After spending each morning on their academic coursework (that exceeds state high school diploma standards), students are able to spend hours focused on their speciality every day. This way, they’re able to hone their craft, flex their creativity and develop their own unique voice within their focus.

Learn more about each department.

3. Students learn in a challenging, yet supportive environment

ASFA Sept 2022 482 5 reasons Alabama School of Fine Arts is a great choice for your 6-10 grader—apply now
ASFA teachers are some of the best in the country. (Alabama School of Fine Arts)

Students and alums describe ASFA as the place where they “found their people.”

The rigorous academic and specialty curriculum is paired with a supportive and welcoming environment that celebrates growth, creativity and learning. Hear from some of the incredible teachers.

ASFA even has a Student Support Services Department that leads social and emotional learning for all students through individual and small group counseling and career and college counseling.

4. The campus is fantastic

ASFA Sept 2022 259 5 reasons Alabama School of Fine Arts is a great choice for your 6-10 grader—apply now
The theater is perfect. (Alabama School of Fine Arts)

ASFA is located in the heart of downtown Birmingham’s cultural district, within walking distance of the Birmingham Museum of Art, Protective Stadium, the Civil Rights District, and CityWalk.

Here’s a quick look at what students can enjoy on campus:

  • art gallery
  • black box theater
  • enclosed courtyard
  • recital hall
  • state-of-the-art 500-seat Dorothy Jemison Day Theater
  • secure dorms
  • 3 large dance studios

5. Students are set up for success

ASFA Sept 2022 522 5 reasons Alabama School of Fine Arts is a great choice for your 6-10 grader—apply now
ASFA alum are doing big things all over the world.(Alabama School of Fine Arts)

ASFA graduates are consistently accepted into the country’s top conservatories and universities including The Juilliard School, Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Berklee College of Music and Rhode Island School of Design. 

It’s safe to say, when your student attends ASFA, they’re being set up for a successful future. According to their website:

  • 97% of ASFA students attend colleges, conservatories, art institutes, and universities
  • ASFA offers AP classes, honors classes and college preparatory programs
  • 91% of seniors awarded are merit scholarships (national avg: 22%)
  • ASFA’s average ACT score is 26.8 (national avg: 20.8)
  • Recent graduating class of 55 students earned over $8.6M in scholarships

Know you’re interested? Apply by January 27, 2023.

Ready to apply?

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Apply now. (Alabama School of Fine Arts)

Applications for the 2023-24 year are now open. The application forms have step-by-step instructions of all requirements necessary to apply by the deadline of January 27, 2023.

Learn more:

  • Come visit ASFA for yourself! There are Tuesday Tours on select Tuesdays at 3:30 where the whole family can take a tour of the school and learn more about the application process. These one-hour tours offer a broad look at the school and each of the six specialty departments. 
  • See what a day in the life at ASFA is like when you Spend a Day at ASFA. You will be paired with an ASFA student ambassador in your department and of a similar grade to you for the day. As you follow their schedule for the day, you will get to go to classes with them while meeting academic and specialty teachers and lots of ASFA students. 
  • For more information about the ASFA application process or to schedule a tour, contact Jaronda Little at 205.252.9241 or jlittle@asfaschool.org.

Apply now to learn from the best of the best at ASFA. Applications close January 27, 2023.

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