7 restaurants serving delicious fall salads in Birmingham

Birmingham Holiday Food Guide
A harvest salad from Blueroot is the fall salads of our dreams. (Blueroot)

Overstuffed on Thanksgiving stuffing and need something fresh and light after all those carbs? We’ve rounded up the best fresh fall salads in Birmingham that will satisfy your craving. Keep reading to find out which restaurants made the list.

1. Real & Rosemary

real and rosemary fall salads
Real & Rosemary’s fall salads look too good to eat. (Real & Rosemary / Facebook)

Real & Rosemary is the place where my friends and I go when we want something light and fresh. Their delicious fall salads are just one reason I continue to go back.

  • What we recommend: Southwest Salad | romaine, spice-rubbed chicken, pepper jack, black beans, avocado, tortilla strips, cherry tomatoes and chipotle lime vinaigrette
  • Location: Homewood | The Summit | Crestline
  • Hours: Closed Monday | Tuesday-Sunday 11AM-8:30PM
  • Website | Facebook | Instagram

2. Urban Cookhouse

fall salads
I can’t stop looking at that orange roll. (Urban Cookhouse / Facebook)

You can find wraps, sandwiches, chicken and salads at Urban Cookhouse. What makes their salads special—the warm orange roll served with each one.

  • What we recommend: Pepper Patch | black beans, corn, red onion, tomatoes, pepper jack and roasted jalapeno vinaigrette
  • Location: Downtown | The Summit | Homewood | Crestline
  • Hours: (Downtown) Monday-Friday 10AM-4PM | (Summit) Monday-Sunday 10AM-8PM | (Homewood) Monday-Sunday 10AM-9PM | (Crestline) Sunday-Thursday 10AM-9PM Friday-Saturday 10AM-9:30PM
  • Website | Facebook | Instagram

3. Brick & Tin

fall salads
Add orzo to your salad for a delicious mix of fall flavors. (Brick & Tin / Facebook)

Brick & Tin uses sustainable and local ingredients in all their dishes. This means their salads include ingredients sourced from local farms, often free of harsh chemicals.

  • What we recommend: Seasonal Farro Salad | roasted butternut squash, carrots & celery, spinach & walnuts & sherry-sorghum vinaigrette
  • Location: Mountain Brook | Downtown
  • Hours: (Mountain Brook) Monday-Saturday 10:30AM-8PM | (Downtown) Monday-Friday 10:30AM-3PM
  • Website | Facebook | Instagram


Blueroot fall salad
Thinking about this delicious bright fall salad from Blueroot. (Blueroot)

BLUEROOT has the most aesthetically pleasing fall salads to look at and they taste as good as they look. BLUEROOT bases its food on health and sustainability, so you know you will be leaving feeling good.

  • What we recommend: Farmstand | spinach, roasted seasonal vegetables, baby swiss cheese, spiced pecans and creamy dill dressing
  • Location: Pepper Place | Mountain Brook
  • Hours: (Pepper Place) Monday-Friday 11AM-3PM Saturday 7AM-1PM | (Mountain Brook) Monday-Friday 11AM-4PM
  • Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. Newk’s Eatery

fall salads
You don’t have to worry about not being full after eating a Newk’s salad. (News’s Eatery / Facebook)

Newk’s is an Alabama classic with rich history and is introducing new menu items daily. Whether you want a burger or salad, Newk’s has it all.

  • What we recommend: Cobb Salad | all-natural chicken, bacon, mixed greens, diced eggs, Bleu Cheese, grape tomatoes, green onions, pecans, croutons and tossed with creamy bleu cheese dressing.
  • Location: Downtown | Hoover | Vestavia Hills
  • Hours: Friday-Wednesday 10:30AM-9PM
  • Website | Facebook | Instagram

6. Chopt Creative Salad Co.

Chopt salad, The Summit
Who wouldn’t want to build their own salad with a spread like this? (Riley Campbell / Bham Now)

Chopt Salad is the go-to place for salad lovers. You can choose from one of their signature salad or create your own using fresh ingredients and homemade dressing.

  • What we recommend: Santa Fe Salad | avocado, grape tomatoes, corn, pepper jack, crispy shallots, romaine with sweet & smoky chipotle vinaigrette
  • Location: The Summit | Vestavia Hills
  • Hours: Monday-Saturday 10:30AM-9PM Sunday 11AM-8PM
  • Website | Facebook | Instagram

7. Kale Me Crazy

fall salads
All of their salads look delicious, but the Kale Salad looks like perfection. (Kale me Crazy / Facebook)

If you prefer kale over lettuce for your salads, Kale me Crazy is the place to go. The superfood cafe has made its way to Birmingham offering a healthy option to the food scene.

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