The famous Velma’s resturant is returning to Trussville in 2023

Velma's old iconic sing
The classic neon sign and building. (Velma’s Trussville / Facebook)

According to an interview with the Trussville Tribune, the iconic Velma’s is returning to Trussville. The new and improved restaurant and bar will stay true to its original design while adding modern touches. Keep reading to learn what made this place so iconic and what to expect for its return.

The history behind the beloved bar

Velma's old building art
What were some of your favorites on the original menu? (Velma’s Trussville / Facebook)

Velma’s first opened in 1938, back when Trussville was nothing more than a two-lane road surrounded by farms. Residents near and far were devastated when the beloved bar closed in 2012— now a decade later, the reopening of Velma’s is in the works.

When the new co-owners, Tammy and Royce Butler, saw that the former Sky Bear Confections building was for lease, they knew that it was a sign to reopen the former Trussville staple.

“We both are very familiar with Velma’s and know how so many people were saddened to see it close, and probably thought, like everyone else, that it was gone forever like so many other iconic businesses. For a long time, it was the only bar in Trussville, the only one that served alcohol, and it’s just been someplace that people grew up with it and recognize it.”

Tammy Butler, Co-Owner, Velma’s

Velma’s is getting a facelift

Velma's iconic cups
Some original memorabilia of the glasses. (Velma’s Trussville / Facebook)

The coupler knows how iconic Velma’s was back in its prime. Their goal is to keep the same feel and charm of the restaurant while adding some much-needed updates. They strive to keep the menu as similar to the original— they’ll throw in some new cocktail and beer options.

“We want to offer some updates, and we’re going to try to make our menu simple. Back in the day, it would be so crowded—you were elbow to elbow. With more space on the side, it gives you a lot more room to spread out.”

Tammy Butler, Co-Owner, Velma’s

With a larger space, there will be more room to eat and drink as well as a bigger karaoke stage. The Butler’s are excited to involve the community as they work to reopen and create new memories. You can follow their Facebook page to keep updated with the progress.

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