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Pack Health employees
Julia and Matt are all smiles at work—can you say the same? (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Have you ever met someone who loved their job and wondered what made it so special? You’re not alone. We met with three healthcare tech employees who made quite a change from their former industries to work for Pack Health, now a Quest Diagnostics Company. Keep reading to learn about them and find out how to join their team.

All about Pack Health + how it’s changing healthcare

Pack Health
A few of the people you’ll see at Pack Health. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Whether you or someone you know has a chronic illness, you probably know just how much it impacts people’s quality of life. That’s exactly why Pack Health exists!

This Birmingham-based company offers an evidence-based patient engagement platform that matches members with their own personal health advisors. Each health advisor works with members to guide them through their healthcare journey—no frustrating chatbots involved.

Meet 3 Pack Health employees who made a major change

Julia Pasker | Scrum Master

Julia Pasker
Julia Pasker, a Pack Health Scrum Master. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Julia Pasker’s love of communications and performance led her to major in music theatre. She interned in Detroit with an equity theatre and dabbled in different areas, including sound design, set construction and stage management. After graduating and moving to Chicago, she worked with several theaters in stage management and realized she had a passion for coordinating people and organizing processes.

After some time working in the theatre world, Julia decided it was time to transition and worked with a dog-walking company to create a job that meshed together her experience in creating efficient structures.

While she loved that job (and working with animals), she knew it was time for a change after several years. After taking a boot camp and realizing how much she enjoyed the process of Agile development, she connected with Pack Health and became their first Scrum Master hire! Now, there are two other Scrum Masters… and they’re hiring more.

Not sure what a Scrum Master is? Don’t worry, I wasn’t familiar with it either. Basically, Scrum Masters manage Agile development teams to remove roadblocks and create efficient processes. Scrum itself is a framework for project management that is primarily used with software development but applicable to other industries too.

“Everyone’s there for the member. No matter what their position is or if they never talk to the members themselves, everyone understands how they influence a member’s ability to better live with a chronic illness. Everyone wants to make sure our programs are helping people better live with their illnesses and improving their general happiness and livelihood.”

Julia Pasker, Scrum Master, Pack Health

J.R. Williams | Senior Manager, Pack Studios

J.R. Williams
(J.R. Williams)

J.R. Williams started his career as a print journalist, working as a newspaper reporter and editor. His involvement in community journalism was thrilling and engaging—and it’s exactly what led him to Pack Health.

At Pack Health, J.R. is the senior manager of Pack Studios, the creative team that makes patient-facing content like emails and lessons. In his role, he collaborates with different teams across the company, working towards the same goal of improving members’ well-being.

“It felt like the same kind of public service that journalism is. If you’re in newspapers, your job is to inform people, and at Pack Health, your job is to help people. I was very excited about being able to come in and use what I learned in newsrooms to influence the content that our members receive every day.”

J.R. Williams, Senior Manager of Pack Studios, Pack Health

Sound like the kind of environment where you’d thrive? Check out Pack Health’s job openings.

Matt Woulard | Data Engineer

Pack Health Matt Woulard
Matt Woulard, a Pack Health Data Engineer. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Matt Woulard’s background before Pack Health was working with music—first as a music educator, then as a music engraver and copyist in the sheet-music publishing industry.

With the changes that the pandemic brought, there was less demand in the sheet music industry. Matt had always been interested in the tech field and knew it was the perfect time to enter a Master of Computer Information Program

Now, Matt works as a data engineer, collaborating with different teams within the company to meet goals and make the platform as user-friendly and effective as possible.

“They’re really some of the best people that I’ve ever worked with. They’re all experts in what they do, but most importantly, they’re all really good people. That’s how I characterize the company—we’re looking out for people. That’s really what I like about the health tech space: it’s all about people.”

Matt Woulard, Data Engineer, Pack Health

Want to join the team? Here’s how.

Matt Woulard
Matt hard at work. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

There’s a reason people are leaving different industries to work at Pack Health. Beyond working in an environment that emphasizes work/life balance and diversity, equity and inclusion, they’re doing work that matters.

“Believe the hype. I think it’s natural to be a little skeptical when people tell you that where they work is great. I certainly was in the beginning, but I came to find out Pack Health really is a great place to work. I don’t have any hesitation saying that.”

J.R. Williams, Senior Manager of Pack Studios, Pack Health

Are you excited to apply for a job at Pack Health? Check out Pack Health’s website to learn about their exciting opportunities.

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