The Birmingham Bulls are BACK Oct. 29—here’s an exclusive look from the players


Birmingham Bulls 11 edited scaled The Birmingham Bulls are BACK Oct. 29—here's an exclusive look from the players
One week away from the Birmingham Bulls home opener. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

The Birmingham Bulls are starting off their season away this week, but the home opener is next Saturday, October 29. Keep reading to hear from a few of the players about the incredible Bulls fans, the season ahead and more.

Home opener on October 29

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Be there. (Birmingham Bulls)

Don’t miss the first home game of the season! The Bulls will take on the Knoxville Ice Bears next Saturday at 7PM. Get all your red gear ready—this game’s theme is red out.

Hear from the players

Screen Shot 2022 10 18 at 4.14.36 PM The Birmingham Bulls are BACK Oct. 29—here's an exclusive look from the players
Austin Lotz, Troy Mactavish, Mike Davis and Johnny Pace. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

We sat down with players Austin Lotz, Mike Davis, Troy Mactavish and Johnny Pace and talked about what it’s like to come here to Alabama and be a part of a team like the Bulls.

“It’s a lot of adapting to new people. We’re getting people from all over the States, all over Canada and even a couple from overseas. You gotta get out of your comfort zone and make new friends with these guys. When everybody does that and really just forms that bond, the team will be successful at the end of the day.”

Johnny Pace, Birmingham Bulls

They all agreed that playing a sport and being a part of a team has had a huge impact on their life and continues to do so.

“We’ve all been playing since we were such a young age, so we’ve seen how hockey and all team sports really teach you life skills, because we know you can’t play sports forever. This game teaches us valuable lessons that we continue to learn over the years. Playing a team sport teaches you to mature at a younger age as well.”

Mike Davis, Birmingham Bulls

Don’t want to miss a game with these guys? There’s still time to get season tickets!

The Bulls are back at it

The players, like most of us, are excited to see things get back to normal as they enter this new season.

“The past two years, especially 2020, were a mental grind because games were getting canceled the morning of. So when you prepare for a game, you’re putting your body in the right mental state for all that and then you’d come to find out you’re not playing. It was very tough for us mentally as well as physically. So I’m very excited to start this new season and chapter off.”

Troy Mactavish, Birmingham Bulls

The Bulls experience

Birmingham Bulls
Can’t beat it. (Birmingham Bulls)

If you’ve never gone to a Bulls game—you need to. Some of the best things about the Birmingham Bulls are the amazing fans and the exciting atmosphere at every single game. That’s been one of the coolest parts of coming here to play in Alabama for these guys.

“Coming down South, we didn’t really know what to expect. It blew me away when I got here to see the support that the team gets and how invested the fans are. It’s really cool and it’s nice to see that the game can grow down here too. That was the coolest part for me.”

Austin Lotz, Birmingham Bulls

The Bulls have an exciting lineup of theme nights and fun events ahead. Get it on the fun with these upcoming promo nights:

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