Why local employers benefit from partnering with YPBirmingham


Jeordan Dudley, a member of YPBirmingham. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Each year, YPBirmingham partners with local organizations to offer exciting, unique opportunities to both members of YPBirmingham and local companies themselves. Read on to explore the benefits of partnering with one of the city’s coolest groups.

About YPBirmingham

Young professionals at a YPBirmingham event at Axel Row. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Young Professionals of Birmingham—called YPBirmingham for short—is a local organization committed to connecting its members with new places, experiences, people and nonprofits in The Magic City.

YPBirmingham members interact with the community in three ways:

  • Social: YPBirmingham’s monthly socials help support a local nonprofit & align with experiences that members want to try, such as eating at a new restaurant or visiting a new bar. 
  • Networking: In addition to connecting young professionals with peers in town, YPBirmingham helps members grow their careers through quarterly networking functions.
  • Outreach: YPBirmingham participates in several community outreach events each year, each designed to give members the opportunity to give back to The Magic City. 

Each month, YPBirmingham hosts social events open to both members and guests. Often, these socials feature a local nonprofit and showcase a unique spot in Birmingham. And thanks to their partnerships with local companies, YPBirmingham can offer discounts at bars, restaurants and other businesses.

Why do local companies partner with YPBirmingham?

YPBirmingham hires local restaurants & food trucks to cater their social events. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Since most YPBirmingham members are in their 20’s and 30’s, partnering with YPBirmingham is a great opportunity for local companies that cater to young professionals in The Magic City. With their large database of members, YPBirmingham can help local businesses connect with their target audience.

Plus, since YPBirmingham is a 501(c)(3) organization, sponsorships from local companies are tax deductible.

Bonus: YPBirmingham offers free memberships to eligible employees of sponsoring companies. Thanks to our partnership, each Bham Now employee is a member of YPBirmingham!

“YPBirmingham does a great job highlighting local businesses, which is something I really appreciate. Whether it’s locally-owned restaurants, apparel stores, bars or other businesses, it’s always great to support local. Those are the businesses that make our community unique and they really need our support.”

Jeordon Dudley, Member, YPBirmingham

There are a number of ways local companies can partner with YPBirmingham. For example, businesses can help sponsor one of YPBirmingham’s events, such as their Annual Christmas Party. Whether it’s supplying food or drinks, a venue or entertainment, there are always opportunities to get involved with the organization.

Learn more about partnering with YPBirmingham

Members of YPBirmingham enjoying a social event atop Cortland Vesta’s rooftop. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Want to learn more about partnering with YPBirmingham? Reach out to their Sponsorship Chair at sponsorship@ypbirmingham.com to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

“At YPBirmingham, we try really hard to showcase everything The Magic City has to offer. There are so many restaurants, event spaces, bars, breweries and things to do, we try not to host events at the same place twice.”

Chelsea Slovensky, Public Relations Chair, YPBirmingham

Interested in learning more about YPBirmingham? Click here to learn more about becoming a member today.

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