Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with these 5 Hispanic-owned restaurants in Birmingham

Dos Hermanos edited Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with these 5 Hispanic-owned restaurants in Birmingham
Life is short—get the tacos. Bonus points if they’re from Hispanic-owned restaurants in Birmingham. (Dos Hermanos / Facebook)

September 15 officially kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month and there’s no better way to share and celebrate than with these five Hispanic-owned restaurants in Birmingham.

1. La Tía Paisa Taco Shop | Homewood

La Tía Paisa Taco Shop
La Tía Paisa Taco Shop. (Noél Espinal / Bham Now)

La Tía Paisa owner Maria Manzano moved from San Diego almost 11 years ago and started La Tía Paisa Taco Shop after she saw Birmingham’s existing taco shop options. What she couldn’t find, she created. This spot serves true California-style Mexican food, a breath of fresh air from the popular Tex-Mex scene in Birmingham.

Their tortillas are handmade. Every morning at 7AM, Maria and her employees arrive at the taco shop to begin preparing them for the day. Our pick? The California burrito stuffed with steak, fries, guacamole and sour cream.

2. Dos Hermanos Taco Truck | Downtown + Homewood

Los Dos Hermanos
Dos Hermanos satisfying some cravings. (Pat Byington / Bham Now)

Dos Hermanos is a Bham Now favorite. Located in downtown Birmingham, Homewood and Bessemer, this taco truck sure knows how to satisfy some hungry customers.

The Guzman family, originally from California, was inspired to bring Latin cuisine to Birmingham. Their fast and friendly customer service makes your taco eating experience even better.

Jeffery Guzman says that family from Mexico comes to visit them in Birmingham often, sharing new recipes and keeping the Latin flavor going.

3. La Sabrocita Ice Cream Shop | Hoover

La Sabrocita
You can never go wrong with a pop or a mangonada from La Sabrocita. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

If you’re craving a cold treat, head over to La Sabrocita Ice Cream Shop. They serve up Mexican treats and fruit flavors from mango to strawberry and pineapple—plus they carry chocolate-dipped paletas. The pop you see above is their Kiwi Strawberry—yum!

4. Sol Y Luna | Mountain Brook

Sol Y Luna
Sol y Luna’s Jorge Castro. (Pat Byington / Bham Now)

It’s no secret that Sol Y Luna is one of Mountain Brook’s top spots for upscale Latin cuisine. Head Chef Jorge Castro is from Guadalajara, Mexico, so he knows how to craft delicious and tasty tapas and phenomenal tequila drinks—right from the heart of Mexico.

Our pick? The Shrimp Al Ajillo. It’s a tasty, old-world style shrimp dish with virgin olive oil, chile de árbol and garlic, served with slices of toasted bolillo bread.

5. Tacos Don Tacho | Homewood

Hispanic-owned restaurants in Birmingham
Tacos Don Tacho #2 has a wide variety of food, drinks and desserts. (Tacos Don Tacho)

Up next on the list of Hispanic-owned restaurants in Birmingham is Tacos Don Tacho #2. It’s a newer spot on Green Springs Highway that brings the flavor to Homewood. Choose from a wide menu with birria tacos, quesadillas and more to sweet treats like traditional cakes and fruit desserts—all at affordable prices.

Wondering what a “Tacho” is? Our research tells us it’s the combination of a taco and a nacho. We can’t wait to try.

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