Five Bar and Hattie B’s chicken and waffles make best in U.S. list

Five Bar
Five Bar’s famous chicken and waffles. (Pat Byington/Bham Now)

Birmingham’s Five Bar and Hattie B’s in the Lakeview Entertainment District have some of the best chicken and waffles in the U.S., according to the popular national foodie site Tasting Table

The two local eateries, which are separated by a city block here in the Magic City, were featured this week alongside 13 additional restaurants in a story about their mastery of chicken and waffles.

Five Bar’s Reaction to Making the List

Five Bar
Five Bar owner Avery Hardie. (Pat Byington/Bham Now)

Earlier this week, we caught up with Five Bar and Hattie Bs to ask them what makes their chicken and waffles special.

“I think our chicken and waffles are special solely for the batter and the seasoning. It’s (chicken) made to order. It’s incredible. The waffles are made to order as well,”Avery Hardie, owner of Five Bar told Bham Now.

Tasting Table agreed. Here is what they said about Five Bar’s version of chicken and waffles.

“…the chicken and waffles are a must-order. The honey nut waffle has a solid amount of sweetness, while the whipped butter spreads easily across the melt-in-your-mouth waffle. The pure maple syrup is also incredibly real and fresh tasting, with no sense of artificiality or too much sweetness.”

Hardie added, “You are going to get the best and hottest plate for your family and your friends. I appreciate that our kitchen staff works so hard on serving up the best.”

This is not the first time Five Bar has made a national list. Back in 2018, national sites Far and Wide and Buzzfeed named the restaurant as the best place to eat brunch in the state of Alabama.

By the way, for your calendars, Far Bar’s famous brunch happens Saturdays and Sundays from 10AM to 3PM. BONUS: they have a live jazz band that plays from 11:30 to 2:30.

Hattie B’s Chicken & Waffles are Made with Passion

Hattie B's
Chicken and Waffles at Hattie B’s. (Pat Byington/Bham Now)

Even though Tasting Table listed Hattie B’s in their top 15 list as based in Nashville, which it is — we all know our location on Birmingham’s Southside is just as good, if not better.

Here is how Hattie B’s Assistant Manager Barratt Bridges described their chicken and waffles.

“The number one recipe in my opinion is that it is made with precision, love and care. We make it with passion before we send it out.”

Tasting Table’s review:

“The no-bone chicken tenders and waffles create a decadent combo that has the perfect amount of crunch. The Belgian-style waffles are served with honey butter, which adds an extra hint of sweetness.”

All in the Lakeview Entertainment District

Screen Shot 2018 11 25 at 9.15.45 AM Five Bar and Hattie B’s chicken and waffles make best in U.S. list
Five Bar was named by Far & Wide “Best Brunch” in Alabama. (Pat Byington/)Bham Now)

Perhaps, the best part of this story, Birmingham has two representatives, both residents in the same neighborhood — Lakeview — on this national list.

The neighborhood is a special place, according to Five Bar’s Hardie.

“I’m grateful to all the businesses, bars, and restaurants in Lakeview. We have all relied on each other at one point, whether it’s borrowing tea or thermal paper. I think it is  special because it’s two blocks of pure family. A ton of options. A great area.”

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