How to live like a Gilmore Girl in Birmingham

Little Professor
Cue my inner Rory. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

It will be a little longer before the leaves turn into hues of red and orange, but ’tis the season to watch “Gilmore Girls.” Birmingham, we may not have a Northeastern fall like Stars Hollow. However, we can still do all of Lorelai and Rory’s favorite activities right here in The Magic City—here’s how.

1. Coffee first

Iced pumpkin latte and hot pumpkin latte at Seeds Coffee - 9 Birmingham coffee shops to try
Every good day starts with a cup of coffee. (Seeds Coffee / Facebook)

Obviously, the day starts with a cup of coffee. And then there’s a mid-day cup and an evening one. According to Lorelai and Rory, there’s no such thing as too much coffee, which I have to agree with. Here are some of my favorite spots to get my caffeine fix in Bham:

2. Diners for every meal

blachs condos
John’s City Diner is a Bham classic. (Bham Now)

If you’ve seen Gilmore Girls, then you know Lorelai and Rory always have an appetite, especially for food from Luke’s Diner. While Luke Danes may not be a Birmingham resident (an absolute shame), we do have some tasty diners:

3. Antique shopping

Have you always wanted to score a beautiful piece of furniture from Mrs. Kim’s antique store? I’ve always dreamt of a house filled with her amazing finds. Or maybe you’ll find records of the music that Lane hid in the floorboards at one of these Birmingham antique stores:

4. Bookstores galore

Little Professor
How many hours is it acceptable to spend in a bookstore? (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Rory knows that there’s no such thing as too much time in a bookstore. No matter if you’re looking for classics like Rory or the newest book that hit the shelf, Birmingham has some of the best-stocked bookstores:

5. Take a stroll in a quaint town

Homewood 18th Street
My love for 18th Street in Homewood is unmatched. (Selah Vetter / Bham Now)

Is there anything more lovely than walking in a quaint town? Explore local shops and restaurants while you stroll down Homewood’s 18th Street, Crestline Village or Cahaba Road in Mountain Brook. Of course, make sure you grab a cup of coffee to sip on during your walk.

No matter if you’re team Dean, Jess or Logan (Jess wins by a landslide), Bham is welcome for everyone to explore. You may just find that it’s better than Stars Hollow.

How do you live like a Gilmore Girl in Bham? Tag us @BhamNow on social to let us know!

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