Meet Shannon Scott, CEO of OnCentive—one of Birmingham’s fastest-growing startups [VIDEO]


Shannon Scott, OnCentive Co-Founder and CEO. ( ZEXPRWIRE)

A powerhouse and entrepreneur since he was 19 years old, OnCentive’s CEO Shannon Scott is no stranger to building successful businesses. We were able to meet this Birmingham entrepreneur and discuss how OnCentive is making a big difference and big money for businesses.

A sit down with the CEO

Meet Shannon Scott. (Ben Johnson / Bham Now)

OnCentive is one of Birmingham’s growing startups that’s helping businesses grow. We sat down with OnCentive’s CEO Shannon Scott to learn all about how he became an entrepreneur and why he started this company in The Magic City.

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A history as an entrepreneur

OnCentive isn’t Shannon’s first go at being a CEO or founder of a business. In fact, he’s been in these roles at different businesses for 24 years—talk about a lot of experience! At only 19 years old, he started his first business. Since then, Shannon has founded numerous companies and invested in 17 businesses, including ones focused on:

  • Human resource processes
  • Marketing and business consulting
  • Taxes
  • Technology consulting

“At OnCentive, we consider ourselves to be the Robin Hood of the business world. We create profitability for companies by matching them with government programs that help them increase their cash flow. There are all kinds of federal and state money to help small and midsize businesses continue to hire, retain their empoyees and grow their organizations.

We plan to be one of the fastest growing companies in this country. It’s going to start right here in Birmingham and it’s going to stay here in Birmingham.”

Shannon Scott, CEO, OnCentive

Making Birmingham OnCentive’s home

This incredible mural of Birmingham by Dewon Moton is one of the perks of the OnCentive office. (OnCentive)

Today, Shannon is helping small and midsize businesses maximize their profitability through business incentives and tax credits at OnCentive. So far, this startup has helped small businesses receive more than $2 billion in tax credits and business incentives.

So, why did Shannon make Birmingham OnCentive’s home? Well, it’s no secret that The Magic City is a hub for startups and company headquarters.

“First of all, Birmingham is my hometown. I did move to the West coast for a while and started some businesses. I always wanted to come back to Birmingham.

Not only is this home, but Birmingham has such a large talent pool and the type of growth and the rapid nature of that type of growth is why we wanted to be in downtown Birmingham.”

Shannon Scott, CEO, OnCentive

It takes a whole team

OnCentive has some of Birmingham’s finest talent. (OnCentive)

This isn’t a one-man show—OnCentive has an all-star leadership team with 100 years of combined tax experience. Shannon is excited to have a team filled with The Magic City’s amazing talent—from tax experts to marketing specialists to account managers.

“My favorite part is the talent. As a CEO, one of my mottos is you hire people smarter than you, you let them do their job and you stay out of their way. They’ve done an amazing job.”

Shannon Scott, CEO, OnCentive

Shannon and the rest of OnCentive’s incredible team are already seeing big results from their hard work. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this Bham company.

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