Birmingham vs Atlanta—which is the more affordable city?

Nationwide rent prices have increased over the past month, according to To see how Birmingham measured up in affordability, we compared the cost of renting in the Birmingham metro area with that of another metro area: Atlanta, Georgia. Here’s what we discovered. 

Size vs rent

Based on findings by Rent Cafe, the average apartment size is nearly identical in Birmingham and Atlanta, but Birmingham’s average rent is over $500 lower.

The factors

There are several factors that go into the cost of rent, including unit type, size, quality as well as location. Here’s how Birmingham’s neighborhoods compare to Atlanta’s: 

  • The most affordable neighborhood in Birmingham is Acipco – Finley, where the average rent goes for $482 per month. 
  • The most affordable neighborhood in Atlanta is also within the inner part of the city, Atlanta University Center. The average rent there is $1,131. 
  • In some of the priciest neighborhoods in Atlanta (Buckhead Heights and Lennox), average rents are $2477. Compare it with Birmingham’s priciest neighborhoods being Old Mountain Brook ($1703), Southside Birmingham ($1714) and Belle Meade ($1884).

Birmingham vs other Alabama cities

Wondering how rent in Birmingham compares to neighboring cities and others in Alabama? Here’s a rundown of current averages:

Neighboring cities:

  • Calera: $1346
  • Chelsea: $700
  • Center Point: $796
  • Homewood: $1137
  • Pelham: $1431
  • Vestavia Hills: $1313

Alabama cities:

  • Huntsville: $1146
  • Mobile: $1083
  • Tuscaloosa: $1230

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What does this mean? 

When it comes to cheaper housing, Birmingham is more affordable than other metro areas like Atlanta. 

Looking to live in the Birmingham area? Here’s a look at the five most popular neighborhoods and their average monthly rent:

  1. Five Points South – $1289
  2. Highland Park – $1255
  3. Downtown Birmingham – $1295 
  4. Spring Lake – $885
  5. Redmont Park – $1261

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