Meet 3 Lawson State nursing students + find out why they love it


Lawson State nursing
The pinning ceremony was a happy day for these nurses. (Lawson State Community College / Facebook)

For nursing students at Lawson State Community College, building relationships and making a difference is what drives them. Keep reading to hear from nursing students who share how their experience at Lawson State has prepared them for their futures in nursing and find out how you can start your own nursing career today.

Lawson State’s fantastic nursing program

Lawson State Community College
An amazing program. (Lawson State Community College)

Let’s face it—not everyone is cut out to be a nurse. But thanks to those who are, lives are saved, babies are born and life-changing bonds are made between the nurses and patients.

As we all know, there’s a long journey that requires hard work even before becoming a nurse. Hello nursing school! Lawson State’s prestigious nursing program boasts incredible students and alumni. We sat down and talked with a few of them about choosing to be a nurse and why Lawson State was the best choice to do so.

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Meet 3 of Lawson State’s fabulous nursing students

Tiesha Finley, Registered Nursing Student

Lawson State Community College
Tiesha Finley (Lawson State Community College)

Tiesha Finley has always been interested in the medical field and even worked in it for a while before deciding to study nursing. She found such motivation and inspiration in the nurses she worked with, she knew she wanted to take a leap of faith and become one herself.

Today, Finley, a fourth semester registered nursing student, is on the road to becoming a nurse. 

“The most rewarding part is looking back, seeing where I came from, and where I am now. It’s amazing to learn and experience becoming a nurse. It give me a sense of pride to be on this journey. You have to change the way you think in a critical way. You have to be kind and compassionate even in the tough times.”

Tiesha Finley, Registered Nursing student, Lawson State Community College

Autumn Cox, Licensed Practical Nursing student

Lawson State
Autumn Cox (Lawson State Community College)

For many students, there may not be a specific moment or role model that led them to nursing. Many students have a more gradual realization that nursing is the perfect fit.

For some students, like Autumn Cox, nursing was the dream career from the get-go.

“I chose a career in nursing as I was inspired when my younger siblings who are twins were born. They are fraternal twins and one had to stay in the NICU for a month or so. During that time, I watched nurses help my family and of course my siblings. I liked the idea of being in medical field and being able to help others. I also would say I am very personable, so I like building relationships with others.”

Autumn Cox, Licensed Practical Nursing student, Lawson State Community College

Brantley Hale, Registered Nursing student

Lawson State
Brantley Hale (Lawson State Community College)

All jobs and fields of study have their challenges, but the stresses that nurses face are unique. As essential healthcare workers, nurses are responsible for the health and lives of their patients. Talk about responsibility! But for nursing student Brantley Hale, the challenges are well worth the rewards.

“It’s no secret that nursing students sacrifice quality time with loved ones, events, milestones—basically our personal life, to study for the next big exam.  So the most rewarding part of studying nursing for me is receiving a passing grade. It reassures me that all of those sacrifices aren’t in vain, and that I’m heading down the right path.”

Brantley Hale, 4th semester Registered Nursing student, Lawson State Community College

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Why Lawson State?

Lawson State Community College
Life changers. (Lawson State Community College)

Lawson State is well known for its nursing program. So, it comes as no surprise that the school is so many students’ first choice when it comes time to decide where they will earn their degree.

“I chose Lawson State because I heard so many acquaintances describe it as a positive experience. I also knew that Lawson was rankled #1 for their practical nursing program in the state of Alabama, so I wanted to be a part of the best program to ensure I would be a successful nurse.”

Autumn Cox, Licensed Practical Nursing student, Lawson State Community College

For fourth semester nursing student Brantley Hale, there was a list of reasons Lawson State was the best choice, including:

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Challenging + rewarding

Lawson State nursing
2022 pinning ceremony. (Lawson State Community College / Facebook)

As with earning any degree, balancing work, school and social life can be exhausting. Lawson State’s professors help students maintain that balance.

“The most challenging part of being a student at Lawson for me was balancing my work and school life. The coursework was heavy and learning to balance was an adjustment for me. But with the help of my professors, I was able to stay afloat. For that, I am very thankful.”

Autumn Cox, Licensed Practical Nursing student, Lawson State Community College

Thanks to Lawson State

Lawson State nursing
Congrats to these nurses! (Lawson State Community College / Facebook)

All thanks to Lawson State’s amazing nursing program, students leave the school confident in their ability to show off what they’ve learned and change lives. Through practical, hands-on training as well as the life skills they’ve learned at Lawson State, grads are ready to take on the world when they leave.

“Lawson State has prepared me for post college simply by the hands-on learning. My nursing instructors play a huge part in my post-college prep as well. They encourage questions and admire curiosity. Not only do they share their knowledge, but also their wisdom they’ve accumulated throughout their careers, so that we can take heed and carry them out throughout our career.”

Brantley Hale, 4th semester Registered Nursing student, Lawson State Community College

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