Lawson State Community College ranked best LPN program Alabama

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Lawson State Community College nursing students. Photo via Geri Albright

Where can you find the best LPN program in Alabama? According to a new ranking by, the answer is Lawson State Community College in Birmingham.

The Rankings

“The designation of this is important because out of 20 PN programs approved by the Alabama Board of Nursing (see below), The Lawson State Community College, Practical Nursing Program is number one. This is/was a collective effort by the Faculty, Staff and Students to “Trust the Process”. 

We are very proud of this accomplishment, and much continued success to every student who comes through a LSCC nursing program (PN and ADN).”

Lawson State Community College
thumbnail IMG 1657 Lawson State Community College ranked best LPN program Alabama
Nursing students and staff from Lawson State Community College. Photo via Geri Albright

Before we get into the methodology or how schools were ranked, it’s important to know that retrieved NCLEX-PN exam pass rates from all LPN and LVN programs in each state.

The NCLEX-PN exam is a huge deal because it’s used by state boards of nursing around the country for testing proficiency and granting licenses. These exams are the best way to determine how well a school is preparing their students for a career in practical nursing.

Once this data was obtained, programs were filtered via the following characteristics:

  • Programs with no pass rates for the previous 1 or 2 years, depending on the state and number of years of data available
  • Programs with less than 2 years of pass rates
  • Programs that are no longer are operational

Once programs were filtered, 16 schools were left. Here’s how they were ranked:

  • Pass rates were analyzed based on the most recent years of data (up to 5 years).
  • School pass rates were averaged together and weighted by the recency of the exam (.e.g., pass rates in 2019 count more towards overall rankings than scores from 2015).

Lawson State’s Nursing Programs are no stranger to high rankings. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, the school’s programs ranked No. 1 and No. in the state of Alabama.

Lawson State’s BIG score

Lawson State Community College
The nursing game is strong at Lawson State Community College. Photo via Geri Albright

To make the No. 1 spot, Lawson State’s overall score had to be pretty amazing—and wow, was it ever. The school’s overall score was 100%. Talk about perfection.

Congrats to the students, faculty and staff of the Lawson State LPN Program, we’re cheering you on. For more news around Birmingham, follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter, and sign up for our FREE newsletter.

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