UPDATE: Homewood approves the new Shades Creek Greenway expansion

Wildwood Preserve
The new expansion will go by Wildwood Preserve. (Bham Now)

Runners, walkers, bikers and outdoor lovers, we have big news for you. A fan-fav trail of Homewood, Shades Creek Greenway, was just approved to be extended by 1.5 miles with a $7 million price tag. Keep reading to find out all the details.

Phase two is official

Plans for phase two of the Shades Creek Greenway. (Goodwyn Mills Cawood)

Birmingham, get ready to add the extra 1.5 miles to your run. Here’s what phase two of the expansion of Shades Creek Greenway will look like:

  • Connects the current trail at the intersection of Lakeshore Parkway and Columbiana Road to the other side of Columbiana Road
  • Goes behind the Wildwood shopping area
  • Ends at BioLife Plasma Services

What is this costing the city of Homewood?

Shades Creek Greenway
Lace-up your shoes because it’s time to hit the trail. (Bham Now)

With a price tag of a little over $7 million, we’re sure Homewood residents are concerned about how their city plans to pay for this big project. According to The Homewood Star, the city of Homewood is only responsible for 20% of the total cost, which is about $1.7 million. Who’s paying for the rest? Well, the Alabama Department of Transportation is stepping in and paying for the other 80% of the trail.

Luckily, we won’t have to wait a while for this project to start. After the city of Homewood has a budget amendment to come up with some extra money since the project is costing $700,000 more than originally planned, then we’ll see work starting in the middle to end of September.

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