Meet Aaron Peoples, a CORE program graduate ready to take the real estate industry by storm


Aaron Peoples, a CORE graduate has come to love commercial real estate. (Aaron Peoples)
Aaron Peoples, a CORE graduate has come to love commercial real estate. (Aaron Peoples)

Aaron Peoples got his start as a commercial real estate intern this summer and is grateful to the CORE (Career Opportunities in Real Estate) program for helping him launch his career. Read on to learn Aaron’s story and about the launch of CORE Champion, their new student scholarship campaign.

About Aaron Peoples, CORE Graduate

CORE program
(left to right) Aaron Peoples, Alabama State University student and CORE Designee with Jeff Branch, Vice President of Property Management, and Gene Cody, CCIM, President, both with Moore Company Realty, Inc. (ACRE)

The CORE program aims to make a change by encouraging African Americans and people of color to get involved in real estate. About 92% of CORE participants graduate with a higher interest in the real estate industry. Thanks to CORE’s successful program, Aaron Peoples is a part of this percentage.

Aaron was selected to participate in the CORE program through Alabama State University’s human resources department, where he currently majors in business management and minors in accounting.

He is currently interning with Corporate Realty in Birmingham as a real estate intern. He credits this opportunity with the connections he made through the CORE program and its leadership, Grayson Glaze CPM CCIM, Executive Director, Alabama Center for Real Estate (ACRE) and Helena Johnson MBA, CORE Coordinator.

“The CORE certificate program creates opportunities as well as gives you the specific tools you need to get into any field of real estate.” 

Aaron Peoples, CORE graduate 

A sparked interest in Commercial Real Estate

CORE graduate
Aaron Peoples (left) with other CORE students and real estate officials enjoying a Lunch and Learn. (ACRE)

Aaron was always drawn to real estate development, loving to observe dilapidated houses get turned into beautiful renovated Airbnbs. He later fell in love with commercial real estate development when exposed to that sector of the industry through his Corporate Realty internship.

“I fell in love with the commercial development side of real estate because I’m very big on history, especially Black history. I got the chance to look more into the history behind certain buildings and see the beauty behind these sorts of properties.”

Aaron Peoples, CORE graduate 

When in meetings and while conducting business, Aaron calls upon the knowledge he learned during his time in the CORE program. 

“CORE has given me a platform to display the real estate industry knowledge that was bestowed upon me.”

Aaron Peoples, CORE graduate

Aaron plans to continue pursuing commercial real estate development because it’s rewarding to see old buildings be restored and give more life to the city and its residents. 

The launch of CORE Champion

CORE program
The CORE program logo. (ACRE)

Alabama Center for Real Estate (ACRE), CORE’s creator and head administration, have launched CORE Champion, their newest student scholarship campaign. 

“Local companies and individuals wanted the opportunity to support so we developed the campaign around donors supporting CORE student scholarships for students living in their specific metropolitan statistical area (MSA).”

Grayson Glaze CPM CCIM, Executive Director, ACRE 

The CORE program is designed on a regional and national scale. They have already attracted students from 25 states and 135 schools.

CORE program
The CORE program has changed the lives of many people. (ACRE)

The CORE Champion scholarship campaign has been presented to businesses across the Southern cities of:

CORE Champion is designed for companies to support more scholarships that will equip and encourage African Americans and people of color to enter the world of real estate.

This sponsorship level comes in addition to the CORE Circle which allows individuals to support single scholarships for CORE students. 

To learn more about the CORE program and how you can support them, visit the CORE Ready website TODAY.

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