How to support our troops at OnCentive and Hire Heroes USA event on July 21


The team at OnCentive is inviting YOU. (OnCentive)

There’s another reason to deck out in red, white and blue this month and it’s not just the Fourth of July. On Thursday, July 21, OnCentive and Hire Heroes USA are partnering together to support our troops—you can help our heroes too. Keep reading for more details on this event.

Salute to Our Heroes event is raising money for our American heroes

A party you don’t want to miss. (OnCentive)

Mark your calendars—you don’t want to miss this opportunity to support our troops. With a chance to win unique and fun items in a silent auction and groove to some live music, we hope to catch you there.

As a fun night for a good cause, this event will include:

  • Dinner
  • Drinks
  • Live music performed by the Emerald Empire Band
  • Silent auction including guitars, paintings and sports memorabilia

Along with buying a ticket for this event, you can also be a friend to our troops by:

What is OnCentive?

Talk about a dream team. (OnCentive)

This Birmingham startup really knows how to manage money. We’re not kidding—OnCentive knows how to make tax credits and business incentives into some serious money to help grow your business and add new employees. Business owners, do you want to see how much money your business can get? It’s easy as one, two, three:

  • Schedule a call with OnCentive
  • Get matched with credits
  • Get your money back

Along with helping businesses get the money they need, OnCentive is helping veterans too. They’re proud to have so many employees with a USA military background on staff. Having a team of veterans reminds the company why supporting our troops with Hire Heroes USA is so important.

“Many veterans struggle adjusting to civilian life. Going from a very structured life to having the ability to make all their own life decisions and have control over where they work can be very intimidating, especially if the veteran has served from a young age. Hire Heroes USA makes the transition a positive one!”

Sara Morgan, IT Specialist + Veteran, OnCentive

What is Hire Heroes USA?

hire heroes usa
Our heroes deserve the best jobs. (OnCentive)

Heroes should get hired when they come back home to the USA. That’s exactly what Hire Heroes USA is doing. It can be hard to transition from life as a soldier into a civilian career. So Hire Heroes helps out US military members, veterans and spouses settle into this new stage of life. They know these soldiers have valuable skills on and off the battlefield, so they’re helping them find the perfect jobs to use these skills.

“Hire Heroes USA is excited to partner with OnCentive to not only empower more transitioning service members and veterans through its donation pledge but also to expand the resources we provide our partnered employers through education.

We are grateful for their support and partnership, and we look forward to making a meaningful impact together for military families.”

Elizabeth Reyes, Director of Corporate Partnerships, Hire Heroes USA

Mark your calendars + RSVP to this event

Who are you coming with? (OnCentive)

Bham, it’s pretty clear that this is an event you can’t miss—so why not go ahead and buy a ticket today? With July 21 coming around the corner, you want to make sure you clear your evening for this Americana event.

If you’re curious about OnCentive’s financial services, be sure to schedule a call with one of their A+ team members today.

To learn more about OnCentive, visit their website.

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