West Homewood approved to become Birmingham’s next Entertainment District

west homewood entertainment district
Get ready to eat some pizza and enjoy a drink from Pizzeria G.M. (Pizzeria G.M. / Facebook)

Homewood, we have big news for you. Last night on June 27, the Homewood City Council approved plans for an entertainment district in West Homewood. Keep reading for more details.

West Homewood Entertainment District is coming to town

entertainment district
FYI, this is where you can carry an open container. (Homewood City Voters / Facebook)

After a debate on where to put an entertainment district in Homewood, the City of Homewood has finally approved, with a 10-0 vote, one on the west side of town.

You may be wondering what exactly is an entertainment district? Well, it’s a designated area that allows people to take drinks off the premises in a certain area and during certain times from businesses with alcohol licenses.

“Tonight the City Council approved the West Homewood Entertainment District, giving this wonderful community more opportunity for growth and gathering. This is very exciting for the future of West Homewood.”

Patrick McClusky, Mayor, City of Homewood

An entertainment district is a way to encourage more people to come out and eat and drink at local restaurants. So, hopefully, there’s a boom for the local businesses!

“It’s good for our business district and allows for growth for our restaurants. It will increase community and make an already great destination better.”

Carlos Alemán, Councilor, Homewood City Council District 2

What restaurants are in the area?

Ash Neighborhood Bar and Grill
Ash Neighborhood Bar and Grill. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

It’s good to know what restaurants you can get ready to buy a drink from. No matter if you want a classic glass of wine, a fun margarita or a beer on a Summer evening, here are the restaurants in the entertainment district:

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