The University of Alabama’s Data Analytics and Business Cybersecurity certificates take your career to a new level—learn more


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The University of Alabama has A+ teachers and students. (The University of Alabama)

Let’s shout Roll Tide because the Culverhouse College of Business at The University of Alabama is making us proud again. Get ready to educate your techy self by signing up for their Data Analytics and Business Cybersecurity certificate programs, part of the Culverhouse’s Executive Education Program. Read on for full details and how you can apply today.

Data Analytics Certificate Program

Certificate Program
We know how you can become the best leader. (The University of Alabama)

If you’re ready to step up your leadership and knowledge at work, then we have some good news for you. Data analytics is a perfect way to open new doors for your office by gaining new technical skills. With material to help you use data to become a better decision-maker when it comes to solving business problems, we think the Data Analytics Certificate Program is going to help you become an A+ leader. This program includes topics like:

  • Analytic modeling and pattern discovery
  • Business intelligence
  • Data analytics in the workplace
  • Data exploration and management
  • Programming for analytics

 Business Cybersecurity Certificate Program

209 Analytics 2019 The University of Alabama's Data Analytics and Business Cybersecurity certificates take your career to a new level—learn more
Know how to solve the problem before it even becomes an issue. (The University of Alabama)

Are you curious about what to do when a cyber threat happens? The Business Cybersecurity Certificate Program will answer that question and others with topics including:

  • Cybersecurity problems
  • Developing and maintaining a cybersecurity program
  • Insider threats
  • Implementing a cybersecurity culture
  • Securing the cloud
  • Threat detection

It wouldn’t be an Alabama program if the top-notch professors couldn’t teach anyone who wants to try out the program. No matter if you’re an IT administrator, data practitioner, company executive or just someone curious about cybersecurity, we think now’s the time to add some new skills to your resume.

Meet the expert

Wayne The University of Alabama's Data Analytics and Business Cybersecurity certificates take your career to a new level—learn more
We love to hear success stories. (Wayne Harmon)

How are these programs useful for people already in the business or workforce? Well, Business Cybersecurity Certificate Program graduate, Wayne Harmon, has some good news for you. No matter if you’re responsible for cybersecurity at your workplace or not, we all know what’s at stake if a threat comes—this program helps you be prepared before the problem even comes.

After finishing the program, Wayne’s now better prepared to have cybersecurity discussions and to offer his two cents when it comes to discussions and decision-making at his work.

“The program provides a solid grounding for experienced executives either entering or becoming more involved with the cybersecurity world. It does a good job relating cybersecurity relevance and concerns to overarching business environments.”

Wayne Harmon, Graduate, Business Cybersecurity Culverhouse Executive Education

Wayne’s just one of the many graduates who are rockstars at their companies because of a certificate program at The University of Alabama.

How to register today

The University of Alabama
This is your sign to register right now. (The University of Alabama)

It’s pretty clear that these programs can give you a boost up in your job—why not go ahead and sign up today? Courses start on July 2 for the Data Analytics Certificate Program, so now’s the perfect time to register.

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To learn more about The University of Alabama’s Executive Education Program, visit their website.

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