Messy closets? This local design expert reveals the easy solutions you’ve been waiting for


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You’re just a call away from the closet of your dreams. (Closets by Design / Facebook)

Envision a closet that’s worthy of your Pinterest board? We spoke with Alexis Rudolph, local design expert from Closets by Design, to get her top tips for easy closet organization. From clothing closets to linen closets, you won’t want to miss these tips—read on now!

1. Bedroom closet

Closets by Design
Sort clothing by color and type. (Closets by Design / Facebook)

From shirts and pants to shoes and hats, bedroom closets are packed with a variety of items. While a mix of items is great, it can be difficult to organize. 

“My top tip for organizing a clothing closet is use all available space in the closet, and decide where certain clothing belongs, whether that’s hanging or folding for a drawer or shelf.”

Alexis Rudolph, Designer, Closets by Design

More tips to consider:

  • Categorize items into sections.
  • Coordinate items by color.
  • Donate items no longer needed.

2. Pantry closet

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You’re just a step away from pantry organization. (Closets by Design / Facebook)

For parents, summer means one thing—the kids are home and that kitchen pantry/closet better be stocked!

While the food may disappear quickly, you still need to have a place to store it. Plus, you’ll want to organize it well enough so snacks are easily accessible to kids of all ages. 

Alexis’ top suggestion: “Get rid of the containers or boxes food items came in.”

Then follow these steps: 

  • Use group containers or stackable containers to place snacks in.
  • Label each container.
  • Group similar items together. 

You can even consider putting a number system on items so you know what needs to be replenished.

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3. Linen closet

Closets by Design
A sweet spot to store linens, blankets and more. (Closets by Design / Facebook)

Linen closet a mess? It’s not easy folding linens to fit perfectly on a shelf, and don’t even get me started on fitted sheets! What to do?

“The main point of organizing a linen closet is to either color code or group similar items in the same area.”

Alexis Rudolph, Designer, Closets by Design

Examples include:

  • Use basket organizers with name tags to know exactly where to put an item and where to find it.
  • Use drawers for all linens to keep them tucked away and hidden.
  • Use adjustable shelves to organize everything based on the items your household has.

4. Office Closets

Closets by Design
Even if your office closet is a closet itself, Closets by Design can help you make it a great space. (Closets by Design / Facebook)

COVID may have started many on the remote work path, but high gas prices are now causing many to continue to working from home. While it can be great to roll out of bed and stumble into your home office is five seconds flat, it also means another space to organize. Enter the office closet.

“For an office closet, shelves and drawers would be the best help for organization. If you have shelves or drawers, you can buy big or small dividers to group certain items together.”

Alexis Rudolph, Designer, Closets by Design

Examples include a filing system for paperwork such as filing folders or cabinets.

5. Junk closet

Closets by Design
Tame your junk with shelves and buckets. (Closets by Design / Facebook)

Has your junk drawer graduated to a junk closet? You aren’t alone, which is why I made sure to ask Alexis for tips on how to manage the clutter. After all, no one wants to open a door and be hit by a monsoon of falling objects. 

“The best way to organize a junk closet is make sure you need to keep the items stored there. Make sure you have shelving ini the closet and purchase small and large bins to place items in with a label.”

Alexis Rudolph, Designer, Closets by Design

Bonus tip: Go through your junk closet every six months to get rid of items that are no longer needed. 

Get. It. Done.

If you’re like me, you’re the type who contemplates doing all of your home projects yourself, then gets irked as the years pass and the project’s never been accomplished. The solution—hire a professional and get. it. done. 

For all your closet, storage and organization needs, Closets by Design is your golden ticket. Check out their work on Facebook and Instagram, then set up a free in-home design consultation here, or by calling 205.777.4000

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