$500k awarded to 13 Black business owners by Magic City Match

Magic City Match
These winners won BIG. (REV Birmingham)

13 Black business owners just won big and now they’re going to make an even bigger impact in our city. Birmingham’s 2022 Magic City Match cohort competed for a total of $500,000 in grant funding at a pitch event on June 17. Keep reading for more details.

What is Magic City Match?

25 business of the over 800 businesses applied were selected to be part of the inaugural Magic City Match cohort. (REV Birmingham)

Magic City Match has a goal to help Black business owners in the City of Birmingham. This means that the program is helping these owners get the resources they need to advance their businesses and bridge the wealth gap. Magic City Match provides:

  • Capitol
  • Design Assistance
  • Feasibility and business planning
  • Real estate consulting

For the program, 25 Black business owners were selected for a cohort. These lucky winners were able to participate in an eight-week business academy, teaching them how to take their businesses to the next level.

Meet the winners

REV Birmingham
Magic City Match is helping Black business owners grow their businesses. (REV Birmingham)

After completing the business academy, the participants were ready to show why their businesses deserved to be recognized with a cash prize. The event on June 17 was part of “Igniting Possibilities,” a business expo to celebrate, support and network with Black businesses. Let’s give a round of applause to the winners:

  • $100,000: Heather Skanes, Oasis Women’s Health
  • $50,000: Lavoris Williams, L Williams & Associates
  • $50,000: Alisha Jiwani, Nia Benefit Corporation
  • $25,000: Alexis Kimbrough, Herban Soul Café
  • $25,000: Jay Johnson, Johnson Media Group, Inc. DBA: College Prep U
  • $25,000: Joi Iman Gresham, Joi Iman
  • $25,000: Andre Williams, Madd Studios
  • $25,000: Cameron Crummie, MDV
  • $25,000: Krystal White, Property and Pipelines
  • $25,000: Martrell McGinnis, Rid-A-Bug
  • $25,000: LaTisha Fletcher, Sankofa Inc.
  • $25,000: Ursula Smith, Ursula Smith Company
  • $25,000: Corey Whatley, Woodlawn Bar & Lounge

Each of the top 25 business owners were also awarded $2,000 just for participating—talk about a lot of awards!

Making our community better + proud

Magic City Match 2022
We know these business owners are going to make a BIG difference in our community. (REV Birmingham)

By working with Prosper, REV Birmingham, IGNITE! Alabama and Urban Impact Inc., we’re excited to see how Birmingham is continuing to give a helping hand to Black business owners. Let’s get excited for how these owners are going to make The Magic City even better.

“We are proud of the selected winners and all their businesses represent. We look forward to witnessing their growth as we continue to cultivate opportunities for their businesses to be elevated and see the Black-owned business ecosystem in Birmingham and Jefferson County thrive.”

Dee Manyama, Initiatives Director, Prosper

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