How one local mom + her kids found inclusion with this special United Ability program


United Ability
Tiara Bozman and daughter Tailynn find inclusion and more at United Ability. (Pat Byington / Bham Now)

For countless individuals and families across Birmingham, inclusion is the biggest goal—especially for families with disabilities. With United Ability, this is one less worry for one local mom and her kids. Read on to learn her story, plus discover how inclusion equals empowerment during United Ability Day on Friday, July 15.

What is United Ability?

United Ability‘s a local nonprofit that provides innovative services to connect people with disabilities to their communities. With a vision of creating a world where disabilities are neither defining nor limiting, United Ability strives to empower individuals with disabilities to live full and meaningful lives. 

“It’s a lifeline. It’s just the best place ever.”

United Ability
Tiara and children at United Ability. (Pat Byington / Bham Now)

Meet Tiara Bozman and her three children—Tailynn, Mason and Christian. All children qualified for United Ability’s early intervention services. Since 2018, Tailynnhas been in the Hand In Hand Early Learning Program, which caters to children ages six weeks to four years and provides children of all abilities to develop understanding, acceptance and compassion.

“It’s a lifeline. They provide so much support and therapies and everyone’s so nice and goes out of their way to include everyone. It’s just the best place ever.”

Tiara Bozman, parent, United Ability
United Ability
United Ability’s Hand In Hand Early Learning program is the perfect fit for this local family. (Pat Byington / Bham Now)

As a fellow parent, one thing I’ve come to realize is that worry becomes a constant. Parenting may look simple on TV, but in reality, it’s anything but. It takes great strength, time and motivation.

Speaking with Tiara, it’s clear that she feels this daily worry. This will be Tailynn’s last year in United Ability‘s Hand In Hand Early Learning program. As a four-year-old, Tailynn will be moving on to kindergarten and a new school next year—something that will take both mom and child out of their comfort zone.

“Hand In Hand is the first daycare we’ve used because I didn’t want to put her in daycare because I was scared. But, when I came here and saw everything that they have going on, it was amazing.

This is the only place she’s ever been and we’re going to be so sad when she leaves. I wish she could stay another year or two.”

Tiara Bozman, parent, United Ability
United Ability
Tailynn having fun outside. (Pat Byington / Bham Now)

As with most parents, if there’s one word that means the most to Tiara for her kids, it’s “inclusion”—and it’s the focus of this year’s United Ability Day shirt.

“They always include Tailynn in everything, which really means a lot to me. She goes to different activities with the other kids. They may be able to do more than her, but they play with her and don’t treat her differently.

Tiara Bozman, parent, United Ability

Show your support—rock a United Ability Day shirt, July 15

United Ability
Inclusion Equals Empowerment. (United Ability)

Want to make major impact on individuals and families like Tiara’s? You can do it by simply wearing a United Ability Day shirt! When you order this special shirt, you’ll help spread awareness about the amazing things United Ability is doing for the Birmingham community as well as help support them in providing beneficial services to those who need them most.

United Ability Day sponsored by BioTech Limb and Brace is Friday, July 15—will you help spread awareness? If yes, order your United Ability Day shirt now.

*Did you know United Ability helps more than individuals and families? From local businesses to doctors’ offices and more, everyone can get involved and show their love for United Ability. Become a team captain and get involved!

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Want to learn what else is happening at United Ability? Stay in the know—visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Interested in their programs? Learn more here.

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