Rojo Owners to Celebrate 20 Years Of Business—details here

Owners Rojo Owners to Celebrate 20 Years Of Business—details here
Clark Lopez and Laney DeJonge. (Rojo)

It’s been 20 years since Rojo has become a part of the Birmingham food scene and it’s time to celebrate! Read on to learn more about this community staple and its two birthday celebrations.

The founding of Rojo

Rojo 10th birthday celebration 1 1 Rojo Owners to Celebrate 20 Years Of Business—details here
Enjoy live music and some tasty food. (Rojo)

Rojo was founded by Laney DeJonge and Clark Lopez because they yearned for a place where people could hang out and enjoy delicious cuisines.

“Clark and I used to come down to Highland market, so we already kind of knew that it was a good location. It was such a beautiful view of the park. And I always liked the Highland Park neighborhood a lot.”

Laney DeJonge, Owner, Rojo

So they set up shop in a former market that was right across the street from Rushton Park.

Where Mexican and American cuisines meet

“We knew that we wanted to be a place where people in the neighborhood could come frequently. We knew wanted Mexican and to have burgers and Philly cheese steaks and stuff like the market before us in the neighborhood too. So we’ve done a two sided menu and just kept expanding it.”

Laney DeJonge, Owner, Rojo

Their menu has expanded so much that they are now working on minimizing it. Don’t worry your favorites are here to stay, especially for you burger and southwest quesadilla lovers.

Giving back to the community

One cool thing Rojo does is host percentage nights where they give a percentage of their sales to a local nonprofit. On the dates of June 15th and 25th, the restaurant will celebrate its 20 years of business. June 25th’s celebration, a field day will be held in conjunction with the Alabama River Alliance. They are going to raise awareness about rivers during the field day events, and a portion of that day’s sales will go towards a local non-profit.

Party Details

Rojo’s 1st Birthday Celebration

When: June 15 | 6PM
Where: Rojo, 2921 Highland Ave, Birmingham, AL 35205

They will have live music performed by Chuck and The Kings.

Rojo’s 2nd Birthday Celebration
June 25 | Noon-8PM
Rojo and Rushton Park, 3000 Highland Ave, Birmingham, AL 35205 (across the street from Rojo)

The Alabama Rivers Alliance will raise awareness about rivers during the field day events from 1-4pm and from 4-8pm there will be live music performed by Janet Simpson and Mandi Rae outside of Rojo. 

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