New movie, produced in Birmingham, details Sewanee Football’s record-breaking 1899 season [Watch]

sewanee football team 1899
Go Tigers! (Sewanee)

Produced by notable Birmingham attorney, Norman Jetmundsen, Unrivaled features the undefeated 1899 Sewanee football team as they went 12-0 for an unforgettable season. Keep reading to find out how this memorable film benefits Birmingham children.

Sewanee football team

This one is for football fanatics. As you know, the South loves their football and—according to film producer and attorney Norman Jetmunsen—this admiration likely started with Sewanee’s eventful 1899 season. This 13-member team had the honor to play the South’s first 12-game season in 1899—100 years before I was born, wow.

They even played Auburn on Thanksgiving Day, breaking a record of having 4,000 attendees and winning by a narrow margin (11-10).

“The reason that they’re famous is that they traveled 2,500 miles by train, playing five games in six days. It was amazing record.”

Norman Jetmunsen

The Sewanee’s 1899 football team season consisted of unforgettable moments like going 12-0 and traveling 2,500 in six days This was almost unheard of during this era, since traveling by train could be costly.

This glorious season may sound like a work of fiction, but it’s true and you can see for yourself by streaming it online.

FUN FACT: Over 300 people attended the Unrivaled premiere at the Alys Stephen Center on April 21. Amazing!

The artwork you’ll see in the film was created by the talented Ernie Eldredge, a Birmingham native and Auburn grad.

How the film benefits children in Birmingham

performance art center/ birmingham
Some great performances are headed our way. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

A portion of the money raised for this film will go towards the benefit of Quarterbacking Children’s Health Foundation, a nonprofit that serves children.

What do they do? Quarterbacking Children’s Health Foundation was founded in 1929 to treat children with polio but now has grown into a large foundation that provides funds for children who are in need of medical attention. Not only do they raise money for children and their families, but charities as well, including UAB’s Art’s in Medicine and RISE Alabama.

As one of the most memorable achievements in football, this inspirational story is not something you’ll want to miss if you’re a sports fan. Plus, you’ll be helping kids in need! It’s a win-win.

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