Clearing The Path for women in the workforce—be a part of the change on May 13


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Learn from incredible speakers how to make a difference. (Women’s Foundation of Alabama)

It’s time for Women’s Foundation of Alabama’s Clearing the Path research showcase. The event on Friday, May 13 is all about driving conversation to define the economic impact of women in Alabama and what closing the gender-racial pay gap really means for our economy. Keep reading to learn how you can be a part of it!

What is it?

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Clearing the Path for women! (Women’s Foundation of Alabama)

Alabama needs workers—and women are a critical part of the conversation. From The Status of Women in Alabama report, we know that:

  • Women make up 52% of Alabama’s population
  • 74.2% of Alabama women are breadwinners
  • Nearly 37% of businesses in Alabama are women-owned.

The 2022 Clearing the Path Report, released at the event in May, will for the first time define women’s economic impact in Alabama and focus on the key drivers of the gender-racial wage and wealth gaps along with potential solutions to address the disparities.

The goal of the event is to share the research with statewide nonprofits, policy makers, businesses and community leaders to use as a resource to implement solutions and secure funding for initiatives that clear the path for women. You don’t want to miss it!

  • When: Friday, May 13, 2022, at 7:30AM
  • Where: The Club and Virtual
  • Audience: 300+ Business, Community and Public Leaders
  • Cost: Virtual: $50, In person: $75

Tickets to the event include:

a fun filled day
Network with the amazing guests while you learn. (Women’s Foundation of Alabama)
  • Attend Clearing the Path research showcase
  • Plated breakfast
  • Exclusive copy of 2022 Clearing the Path report

What to expect

speakers of the event
Learn from the best! (Women’s Foundation of Alabama)

Clearing the Path events have previously focused on barriers women face in the workforce, including child care and family-friendly workplace policies to help companies attract and retain a strong workforce. This year, Women’s Foundation of Alabama will ignite the conversation around why women are important for Alabama’s workforce and economy.

The Program will consist of:         

  • Opening remarks from Women’s Foundation of Alabama President & CEO, Melanie R. Bridgeforth, MSW
  • Highlights from Women’s Foundation of Alabama’s Clearing the Path research
  • Keynote Speaker, Katica Roy, Gender Economist, Author, and CEO of Pipeline
    • Katica Roy is an award-winning business leader and gender economist with over two decades of experience in technology, healthcare and financial services. Katica is credited as a rare combination of expertise in and passion for gender equity, people analytics, and sales operations. Let’s just say, you don’t want to miss out on hearing from her!

An exclusive first look 

Teaching guests how to make the workforce better for women. (Women’s Foundation of Alabama)

Guests will receive an exclusive look at Women’s Foundation’s report that will: 

  • Define the economic impact of women on Alabama
  • Discuss the cost to our economy of not raising the labor force participation rate or closing the gender-racial wage gap
  • Explore the contributions of women to Alabama’s economy through an analysis of jobs, income and the overall GDP
  • Explore impacts at the state and county levels

Why you should care

Like we said, Alabama needs workers! Recruiting and retaining women workers means understanding their unique needs and contributions to our our economy. This event will help attendees to do exactly that: learn what women need to thrive in the workforce and how to make it happen.

“Previous Women’s Foundation of Alabama research uncovered that 74% of Alabama women are breadwinners earning essential income for their families. When women succeed in the workforce, families thrive and communities grow. Our new Clearing the Path research report defines, for the first time, the economic impact of women in Alabama. We know that what gets measured gets changed and our research is closing Alabama’s gender data gap and identifying solutions that drive economic opportunity for all women.”

Melanie R. Bridgeforth, President & CEO, Women’s Foundation of Alabama

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Don’t miss this first of its kind event for Alabama. Secure your ticket to the Clearing the Path event today!

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