5 spring-themed sweets you need to try in Homewood

Cookie fix looking delicious as ever!
A Homewood staple. (Cookie Fix)

It’s officially springtime and with Easter around the corner, we are in the mood for sweets. Who are we kidding? We’re always in the mood for sweets. We’ve rounded up 5 of our favorite places to grab a spring-themed dessert in Homewood.

1. Savage’s Bakery

A beautiful decorated cake. The perfect place to get your spring-themed sweets
Almost too pretty to eat. Emphasis on the almost. (Savage’s Bakery)

This is what we like to call a Homewood classic. Savage’s Bakery has been serving up delicious (and good looking) treats for over 70 years. We’ll use any excuse to get our hands on one of their decorated cakes. Don’t get us started on the flower petit fours. These are the perfect addition to your Easter spread!

2. Rolls Homewood

Peeps and sprinkles on cinnamon rolls, sounds good.
This counts as breakfast, right? (Rolls)

There’s just nothing like a good cinnamon roll. Throw in a few sprinkles and some adorable peeps? We’re in.

These small-batch cinnamon rolls are made from a family recipe that’s been passed down for years. Check out their Easter specials to see what other spring desserts they’re baking up!

3. Cookie Fix

Spring sammies, pastel sprinkles, lemon blondies, we’ll take one of everything, please. Whether you’re looking to feed a group or just on the hunt for an afternoon snack, you simply can’t go wrong with Cookie Fix. Have you tried their blueberry jumble cookie?

Don’t forget about their recently opened Huntsville location too!

4. Edgar’s Bakery

Floral hydrangea cupcakes
The floral dessert of our dreams. (Kelse Everett / Edgar’s Bakery)

There’s no better way to cure a sweet tooth than a flavorful cupcake. An Alabama staple since 1998, Edgar’s has been named Alabama’s best bakery in publications like Taste of the South, Alabama Magazine & Birmingham Magazine.

Grab a spring-themed cupcake in one of their classic strawberry, chocolate or yellow cake flavors! We won’t judge if you get all three.

5. Dreamcakes Bakery

Decorated cookies. Bunnies, eggs, flowers, and more
Don’t ask us how many we ordered. (Callie Puryear / Bham Now)

Nothing says spring like a walk around Edgewood. Stop by Dreamcakes to snag a few of these good-looking cookies!

We can confirm that they taste just as good as they look, so you can rest assured you’ll be the crowd-pleaser when you show up with these in hand.

It’s no secret that Homewood is not lacking in the food department. Between the perfect happy hours, yummy breakfast spots and endless dinner options, we can’t get enough of the Homewood food scene.

Let us know what spring-themed sweets you indulge in this season by tagging us @bhamnow!

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