3 Ways you can get started skateboarding in Birmingham now

Emmett Covington 3 Ways you can get started skateboarding in Birmingham now
Emmett Covington taking a skate break during construction of the new City Walk BHAM Skatepark in Birmingham (Kanten Russell / Newline Skateparks)

2022 is turning out to be an exciting year for local skateboarders in Birmingham. Once complete, the upcoming CityWalk BHAM park will include a brand-new, 57,000 square-foot skatepark built by Newline Skateparks, and is set to open to the public this June. Want to make the most of the new skatepark? Keep reading to learn more about everything you need to get started skateboarding in Birmingham.

City Walk BHAM Skatepark Schematic Layout
City Walk Skatepark coming soon! (Courtesy of Peter Karvonen)

Peter Karvonen, owner of Faith Skate Supply Skate Shop got his skateboarding inspiration from watching Marty McFly tearing up the streets of Hill Valley in Back to the Future. Karvonen + Kanten Russell are the two driving forces behind the inception + completion of the new Downtown skatepark.

Local skaters also referenced Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Shaun White, Bucky Lasek, the Stacy Peralta 2001 documentary Dogtown & Z-Boys, monthly skateboarding magazines + VHS skate tapes from the 80s such as Streets on Fire.

Wherever your skate fever originates, we have your prescription covered!

1. Where do I get my gear to start skateboarding in Birmingham?

Faith Skate Supply Skateboarding Shop Exterior
Faith Skate Supply in Downtown Birmingham (Nick Case / Bham Now)

Faith Skate Supply

Skateboarding has one of the lowest entry level costs of any sport at $100 or less and is economically viable for anyone and everyone. 

“Come by the shop and I’ll get you a complete board for $89, grab a pair of old Chuck Taylor’s or shoes with a flat sole and you’re ready to start creating.”

Peter Karvonen, Faith Skate Supply
Faith Skate Supply Skateboarding Shop Interior
Faith Skate Supply sells complete boards, decks, wheels, footwear, apparel + more (Nick Case /Bham Now)

The Wood

Jason Agan The Wood Skateboarding Shop Exterior
Jasan Agan outside his vintage clothing + skate shop in Woodlawn, The Wood (Nick Case / Bham Now)

Jason Agan, creator of All Hands Skateboards and his partner at The Wood, Cameron Williams have a cool shop on their hands. They sell vintage t-shirts, branded hats, footwear, skateboarding supplies as well as vintage novelty items.

As a way to give back to the community + attract more locals to skateboarding, The Wood also has a bin offering free skateboard decks.

The Wood Skateboarding Shop Interior
Former barbershop converted into a vintage clothing & skate shop (Nick Case / Bham Now)

2. How do I learn how to skateboard?

Peter Karvonen of Faith Skate Supply Skateboarding Shop
Peter Karvonen of Faith Skate Supply (Nick Case / Bham Now)

The majority of the local skateboarders that I spoke with mentioned the best way to learn is to just grab a board and learn from other skaters. 

“All you have to do is get a board and show up because the community of skateboarders are awesome. They are amazing people and they love to help. If you’re interested in learning, they’re down to help you. All of a sudden you’re one of the family and community.”

Peter Karvonen, Faith Skate Supply

Interested in taking lessons? Practice makes perfect + call these numbers!

  • Faith Skate Supply: Call (205) 244-1102
  • Jon Waarvik: Call (540) 305-0999

3. Where can I actually go skateboarding in Birmingham?

RailroadPark 20220306 151349 11 1 3 Ways you can get started skateboarding in Birmingham now
Practicing tricks at Railroad Park (Bham Now)

As previously mentioned, the new City Walk Skatepark will be unveiled in June, but until then here are some places you can go skateboarding in Birmingham now.

Railroad Park

Skateboarding in Birmingham - Railroad Park
Griffin Short skating one of the bowls at Railroad Park (Courtesy of Susan Short)

Veterans Skate Park

Skateboarding in Birmingham - Veterans Skate Park
The Skull Bowl at Veterans Skate Park (Concrete Disciples)
  • Location: 7305 Hwy 119 Alabaster, AL 35007
  • Hours: Wednesday–Friday 4PM–8PM | Saturday 12PM–8PM | Sunday 1PM–8PM | Mondays & Tuesday CLOSED
  • Fees: $1 per day on weekdays + $2 per day on weekends
  • Website 

Willow Wood Park Tennis Court

Skateboarding in Birmingham - Willow Wood Park
Aundré Lando of Woodlawn skating ramps at Willow Wood (Nick Case / Bham Now) 

Our own backyard on the streets of Birmingham

Skateboarding in Birmingham - Downtown
Skateboarding in Downtown Birmingham (Matthew Niblett / Bham Now)

Coming soon, you can skate in Downtown + Hoover!


City Walk BHAM Skatepark Pump Track
Near complete pump track at the new City Walk BHAM Skatepark (Courtesy of Peter Karvonen)

The City Walk BHAM Skatepark is on schedule to open this June!


image 3 Ways you can get started skateboarding in Birmingham now
Support the Hoover Skatepark! (Skate Alabama Instagram)

According to Johnny Grimes of Skate Alabama, the city of Hoover has donated the land + approved the skate park and the project is currently in the fundraising stage. See details below on how you can show your support!

Skate Alabama 

Website | Facebook | Instagram 

Now, who’s ready to start skateboarding in Birmingham?!

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