FuelAL Fellowship offers new opportunities for college students in Alabama—learn more + apply now


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The Economic Development Partnership of Alabama (EDPA) building, headquarters of FuelAL. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Do you know a college junior or senior in search of a summer-long program of connections, community and experiences that will fuel both their future and the state’s? If so, listen up. The Economic Development Partnership of Alabama (EDPA) is launching their first-ever FuelAL Fellowship—a part of their larger Fuel Alabama program—to help participants learn more about the opportunities of working and living in Alabama.

Applications for the inaugural FuelAL are NOW OPEN. Click here to apply and keep reading to learn more.

Fuel Alabama (FuelAL) aims to strengthen Alabama’s innovative future

EDPA Fuel Alabama Fellowship
EDPA’s FuelAL aims to improve retention of Alabama’s brightest minds. (EDPA)

Each year, tens of thousands of talented young minds graduate from Alabama colleges and universities—yet, only about two of every three in-state students and only one of every five out-of-state students actually stay in Alabama one year after graduation. By partnering with a number of Alabama’s largest employers, economic developers and higher education institutions, the EDPA aims to improve student retention in the state with their new program: Fuel Alabama (FuelAL).

At the core of FuelAL is one question: Why Alabama? Why should recent graduates choose Alabama for their home? Why should they choose it for their career?

On April 20, 2022, the EDPA will kick off the FuelAL Talent Conference, Alabama’s first future-focused talent conference. At the FuelAL Talent Conference, there will be a series of workshops and sessions to help human resource professionals, college career centers, recruiters, DEI officers and other business leaders attract new & bright minds to Alabama.

“It is important that young professionals know that we value them and we want to welcome them into our state and into our communities long-term. This conference offers an opportunity for stakeholders to share what works in talent attraction and retention and to adopt those practices quickly and successfully across the state.”

Miller Girvin, Executive Vice President of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at EDPA

Click here to register for the Fuel Alabama Talent Conference on April 20, 2022.

About the FuelAL Fellowship

EDPA / Alabama Launchpad
The EDPA headquarters in downtown Birmingham. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

This year, college juniors and seniors in Alabama have the opportunity to take place in the inaugural FuelAL Fellowship—a summer supplemental Fellowship program for the state’s best & brightest interns at exciting companies in Alabama.

First and foremost, the FuelAL Fellowship is an opportunity for these students to learn more about what Alabama has to offer. During the summer-long experience, participants will be hosted in the Birmingham Metro and visit Huntsville, Montgomery and Mobile, where they will meet industry leaders, have access to exclusive training and make lasting relationships with other up-and-coming talent.

“Applicants should consider applying to the FuelAL Fellowship because it’s an opportunity to explore the state, meet new people in the area who are also interested in living in Alabama, and learn more about what the state has to offer. Our research indicated that many college students have explored their college town – but lack exposure to the rest of the state. FuelAL will take them to all corners of Alabama and connect them to others with whom they can create memorable experiences.”

Estes Hughes, VP of Talent & Innovation, EDPA

So, what does it take to join the FuelAL Fellowship? Although Fellows do not have to be Alabama natives to apply, they must be employed through a paid internship. This year, FuelAL Fellows must be based in Birmingham for their summer internship or co-op program and must be a student at an Alabama college or university.

“FuelAL is not like other programs in the state. This fellowship will provide access to community leaders, provide weekend travel, and offer a supplemental experience to their paid summer internship. The fellowship is based on what students told us was important to them. It’s built by students, and it’s going to provide a perspective that we know will be valuable when they’re deciding on a place to settle after graduation. It’s about more than a job and a home; it’s about providing community, fitting in and standing out all at the same time. It’s a progressive approach to talent attraction and retention that will create memorable and lasting impressions.”

Carolyn Williams, Talent Program Manager, EDPA

Interested in the FuelAL Fellowship this summer? Visit their website to learn more and click here to begin your application.

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