Irondale citizens vote to “build a brighter future” with 6 mill property tax increase—details here

Irondale Mural
Mural on the side of City Hall. (Pat Byington / Bham Now)

On Tuesday, March 22, Irondale hosted a special election. Citizens voted on a proposed 6 mill property tax increase to “build a brighter future” for the city, and it was approved by a landslide. Read on for details on how the money will be spent and the mayor’s reaction to the news.

75% of citizens vote YES

The election resulted in a resounding “YES” from citizens. 75% of votes approved the proposed 6 mill property tax increase. Here’s how the votes shook out:

  • YES: 1043
  • NO: 352

“75% of the people that showed up today believe that we are doing a fantastic job to be able to move this city forward, and we will not let you down. We will continue to build a brighter future in the city of Irondale, and I look forward to updating you on the progress we are making very, very soon.”

—James D. Stewart, Jr., Mayor, City of Irondale

How will the money be spent?

They plan to use the money to help fund capital improvements in the city, including things like parks, public facilities and paving.

Following the vote, Mayor James D. Stewart, Jr. vowed to get to work immediately on bringing the Blueprint Irondale Comprehensive Plan to life. Full details of the plan are available on their website.

When will Irondale property taxes increase?

Curious when this change will kick off? According to the City of Irondale, the property tax increase will take effect in 2023. shared that the investment amounts to about $7 per month for most citizens. Down the road, it will sunset in 2029.

It’ll mean big changes on the horizon for Irondale, and we’ll keep you posted as projects develop.

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