20 woman-owned restaurants in Birmingham you have to try

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Guide to woman-owned restaurants in Birmingham
Your guide to woman-owned restaurants. (Bham Now)

Happy Women’s Month! In no particular order, we’ve gathered twenty woman-owned restaurants in Birmingham you should support. Keep reading to get the details.


BLUEROOT women-owned restaurants
Health is on the menu! (Madison Croxson / Bham Now)

Jennifer Ryan is the face behind Bham’s BLUEROOT, the place to get a quick and healthy meal. She’s also an entrepreneur, investor and small business owner who was recently featured in Forge’s event for International Women’s Day.

2. Michael’s Restaurant

woman owned
View from the Rooftop at Michael’s Restaurant. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Nestled next to Region’s Field in Birmingham’s Parkside District is Bernadine Birdsong’s beloved Michael’s Restaurant. This restaurant features a rooftop bar with one of the best views of Birmingham’s skyline.

3. Underground Vegan

One of my personal favorite vegan food trucks, Underground Vegan, is owned and operated by Khalilah Sowell. She has perfected a vegan dressing for her plant-based meals, so you should give this place a try.


rooftop eating
What a view! (Roots & Revelry’s Facebook)

One of the best woman-owned restaurants in Birmingham would be ROOTS & RELEVRY. If you love a meal with a view, then this is the place to go. On the second floor of the Thomas Jefferson Tower, you can enjoy the views of downtown while eating an upscale dish!

5. EATS Highland

Owner Wendy Cruze has dedicated this restaurant’s menu to be almost completely gluten-free. As a woman-owned restaurant, you should make EATS Highland a must-visit for this month.

6. Civitas

Who runs the world? Ladies! (Civitas)

You might know Tonya Jones as a spa and salon owner, but this year, she has ventured out and opened a new restaurant in Mountain Brook. Give Civitas a visit in the English Village soon.

7. Chocolata

chocolata's kathy
We 💗Kathy + chocolate. (Bham Now)

I know Chocolata isn’t technically a restaurant, but they deserve to be on this list because they are completely woman-owned with an all-ladies team.

Chocolata even stays connected to women brands across borders. They do this by sourcing their chocolate from a farm in Ecuador that is predominantly made of women farmers.

8. Magic City Nutrition

Birmingham, Alabama, Magic City Nutrition, Britni Liberton, Faith Hurtado
Magic City Nutrition founders Britni Liberton (left) and Faith Hurtado (right). (Britni + Faith)

Two women entrepreneurs, Faith and Britni, expanded their little nutrition business to the Magic City a little over a year ago. This little shop offers tasty, nutrient-filled smoothies and teas that are made efficiently. it’s fast food without the guilt!

9. Shu Shop

For the romantic, you should support Shu Shop for authentic Japanese cuisine. While you’re there, order the shoyo ramen—it’s delicious.

10. Ted’s Restaurant

Southern + women central. (Jacob Blakenship / Bham Now)

Where friendly gets downright fresh, Beba Touloupis has made Ted’s Restaurant one of Birmingham’s staples.

11. Pop’s Neighborhood Grill

Cheeseburger of my dreams. (Pop’s Neighborhood Grill)

This family-run restaurant should be your go-to spot in Birmingham for deli sandwiches and wings. Who doesn’t love a good burger?

12. Fevers Side Chicks Food Truck

Fever Side Chicks has hot dogs, pizza and wings. The best part—it’s all vegan!

13. Nola Ice – Broad St. Peaux Boys

yummy shrimp peaux boy
(Matthew Niblett / Bham Now)

Last year, Kelli Caulfield opened NOLA and Broad St. Peaux Boys at the Pizitz bringing a taste of The Big Easy to downtown. You should try their crawfish nachoes if you’re a fan of interesting dishes.

14. Ashley Mac’s

Ashley Mac's
Have a sweet tooth? (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Birmingham’s sandwich experts at Ashley Mac’s also can be found at the Pizitz. They have multiple locations around Birmingham because they’re just that good!

15. Queen’s Park

owner of queen's park
Peep Queen’s Park owner Laura Newman on the right. (Pat Byington / Bham Now)

Queen’s Park is run by one of the coolest ladies in Bham, Laura Newman. If you’re looking for a fun night out this month, then support Queen’s Park.

16. Real & Rosemary

Real and Rosemary
Sweet. (Madison Croxson / Bham Now)

As a fan of a laid-back atmosphere, Real & Rosemary is the place to go for a chill meal. If you love flavor combos and healthy options, then consider supporting them! The decor is also a 10/10.

17. Farm Bowl + Juice Co.

juice vowl
The Nutty Professor bowl. 😋 (Lauren Bedford / Bham Now)

For produce lovers, Andrea Snyder opened Farm Bowl + Juice so you can get your acai bowl fix.

18. El ZunZun

Grilled cactus. Muy bueno. (Hilary Meares / Bham Now)

Becky Satterfield’s El ZunZun serves Latin American-inspired cuisine and has become one the best spots for a cozy afternoon out. For the bold foodie, try the grilled cactus!

19. Bistro V

woman-owned restaurants in Birmingham
Did someone say gumbo? I’m in. (Bistro V)

Nestled away off the busy Highway 31, Bistro V serves classic Southern dishes, like shrimp and grits and hamburger steak.


woman-owned restaurants in Birmingham
These chicken sliders are the perfect wedding snack (Jacob Blakenship / Bham Now)

The award-winning chef, Raquel Ervin, reopened SLIDE earlier this year and is set to open a second location in the summer. SLIDE has become one of my fave woman-owned restaurants in Birmingham.

Which of these woman-owned restaurants in Birmingham will you be supporting?

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