Birmingham is full of inspiring women—meet 3 at Forge, March 8


International Women’s Day 2020. (Forge)

International Women’s Day is March 8 and Forge is hosting a special event to celebrate all the amazing women doing big things in our city. Read on to learn about this important—and free!—event and why you should attend. Know you want to attend? Register now.  

A look at International Women’s Day

International Women's Day 2020, Forge
Inspiring local women recognized at Forge’s 2020 International Women’s Day event. (Forge)

While acknowledging Birmingham’s coolest women should be something we all do daily, it’s exciting having a whole day devoted to it. So, what’s International Women’s Day all about? 

Every year on March 8, this global day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. And wow, The Magic City has so many! If only we had time to mention them all.

There’s no better place to cheer on the amazing women in Birmingham than at Forge. As you may know, Forge is one of Birmingham’s woman-owned businesses. Founded by Kim Lee in 2017, it’s a co-working space located on the second floor of The Pizitz in downtown Birmingham. A woman-owned business hosting an event celebrating women? Sounds like the perfect place to pay tribute on this momentous day. 

“It’s always a highlight of our year. We love bringing women together, being able to encourage women in the work that they are doing all over the city and let them know they are not alone. We’re all here to support each other and elevate all the work that women are doing in the city.”

Kim Lee, CEO/Founder, Forge

Want to attend International Women’s Day at Forge on March 8 from 7:45-9:30AM? Register now—it’s free.

About the event at Forge

International Women's Day 202, Forge
International Women’s Day 2020. (Forge)

This is Forge’s fourth year hosting their International Women’s Day event, and it continues to be their biggest. Each year, the event has had over 125 in attendance, including in 2021 when the event went virtual. Wow!

What can you expect during this spirited event? Here’s the lineup:

  • 7:45-8AM: Breakfast and mimosas
  • 8-9AM: Welcome, Panel discussion, Q&A
  • 9:05-9:30AM: Mixtroz powered Networking Event

Psst! You’ll also get a fun swag bag filled with cool items from local female-owned businesses in Birmingham. You know you can’t resist some swag!

Event Details

So about that panel discussion…

Who will you have the chance to see and meet during the International Women’s Day event? Three Birmingham women who aren’t afraid to show the world what they’re made of! Here’s who’s on the panel:

Jamie Golden

Jamie Golden
Jamie Golden. (Forge)

Podcast fan? Then you may have heard of Jamie Golden before. Cofounder of The Popcast Media Group, Jamie co-hosts two local shows—The Popcast and the Bible Binge.

Want to hear what the podcasts are all about? Give the episodes a listen.

Jennifer Ryan

Jennifer Ryan
Jennifer Ryan. (Forge)

Entrepreneur, investor and small business owner, Jennifer Ryan’s best known in Birmingham as founder of BLUEROOT, a health food restaurant that pairs incredible culinary talent with locally-sourced foods.

Her newest endeavor is Croux—an app that connects restaurant owners to restaurant talent to help fill staffing needs. 

Darlene Wilson

Darlene Wilson
Darlene Wilson. (Forge)

Darlene Wilson’s current role is Managing Principle of her business, Ram Accounting Firm. When she’s not crunching numbers, you can find her advocating for and mentoring many small businesses in Birmingham.

Are you as excited as we are to cheer on the amazing and talented women in Birmingham? Register now for the International Women’s Day event at Forge on Tuesday, March 8 from 7:45-9:30AM.

To find else what else Forge it up to, check out their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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