Best places to get cornbread—besides your grandma’s house—according to the Bham Now audience

Let me tell you something! (Moe’s BBQ)

We all know that nothing beats your grandma’s cornbread, so we asked our audience which places in Birmingham served the next best. Keep reading to find out what YOU said about the cornbread scene in the ‘Ham.

Our audience’s opinion on the best place to get cornbread

the BEST place to get cornbread in birmingham

In no particular order, here are nine of the top mentioned restaurants in Birmingham that offer tasty cornbread. Thanks for your replies, we love to see them!

But first, honorable mentions

Someone mentioned my hometown, Gadsden, so I had to include it because it’s pretty accurate. One of the best places to get cornbread would be Top O’ the River. When a party of 4+ sits at a table, they serve you a whole skillet of cornbread instead of breadsticks.

The best part—it’s only an hour out of Birmingham, so get a taste of their buttery and not-too-sweet cornbread.

Another honorable mention would be your mama’s house or your own kitchen. You can scroll through the comments here to find a recipe someone shared. Send pics if you try!

9 places to get cornbread in Birmingham

Fresh from the oven. (Bham Now)

1. Moe’s BBQ

If you’re not going to Moe’s for the fries, then their cornbread is gonna be your next best purchase. Our audience on Instagram and Facebook, both mentioned Moe’s as serving some of the best cornbread in Birmingham.

2. Johnny’s

You butter believe it. (Johnny’s)

Nothing brings a family together like good home-y food and Johnny’s does just that. Chef Timothy Hontzas keeps it local, fresh and seasonal at Johnny’s Restaurant in Homewood. Since cornbread is a native dish to the Indigenous people of this land and Johnnny’s uses local ingredients, we know they put as much love in their dish as your grandma.

  • Location: 2902 18th St S, Homewood, AL 35209
  • Hours: Sunday-Friday 11AM-2:30PM
  • Website I Facebook

3. Niki’s West

Niki’s West is one of The Magic City’s classic meat and threes having served the area since the 50s. Our audience agrees that they serve amazing cornbread that’s not too sweet.

  • Location: 233 Finley Ave W, Birmingham, AL 35204
  • Hours: Monday-Friday 10:30AM-5PM
  • Website I Facebook

4. El Barrio

el barrio
I spy some jalapeno cheddar cornbread. (El Barrio)

According to our audience, El Barrio knows how to make cornbread right. This inventive restaurant’s barrio cornbread does not disappoint Birminghamians.

  • Location: 2211 2nd Avenue N. Birmingham, AL 35203
  • Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 11:30AM-8PM | Friday-Saturday 11:30AM-9PM
  • Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. Rib It Up

meat and three
One of the best. (Rib It Up)

If you haven’t made your way to Rib it Up, then you should go for the cornbread at least. There’s a reason so many people mentioned this place—they’ve mastered Southern comfort food.

  • Location: 830 1st Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203
  • Contact: Website | Call

6. Rusty’s BBQ

Rusty’s was mentioned quite a few times by our audience. Apparently, their cornbread fits the criteria for not being too sweet and having the perfect crumbly texture. What do you think?

  • Location: 7484 Parkway Dr., Leeds, AL 35094
  • Website

7. Martin’s BBQ Joint

If you could describe Martin’s food in two words, it would probably be great and comfortable. The people of Birmingham have spoken and they say that the cornbread here is pretty darn great. Their rib game is pretty strong too.

8. Bluff Park Diner

meat and threes
Delicious dishes at this meat and three. (Bluff Park Diner)

The finishing touch to any meat and threes plate would be cornbread. Bluff Park was mentioned several times for having cornbread that tastes like your mama made it.

  • Location: 591 Shades Crest Rd, Hoover, AL 35226
  • Hours: Monday-Friday 11AM-7:30PM
  • Website I Facebook

9. The Pig

As a Southern grocery store, it comes to nobody’s surprise that Piggly Wiggly’s Deli has some of the best cornbread in Birmingham. Next time you’re grocery shopping, grab some cornbread from the deli!

What’s your favorite place to get cornbread in Birmingham? Let us know @BhamNow.

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