5 reasons you’ll love Kami-Con at the BJCC, Feb 11-13


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Visit Kami-Con this year to see amazing costumes from your (Kami-Con)

Making plans for February? You don’t want to miss Kami-Con! The three-day celebration is full of live performances, cosplay contests, dance competitions and so much more—and it’s coming to the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex (BJCC), from February 11th to February 13th.

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Kami-Con is coming to the BJCC, February 11-13

(Birmingham Kami-Con)
Kami-Con is fun for the whole family! (Kami-Con)

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  • What: Kami-Con, a three-day convention that celebrates Japanese culture, gaming, geek culture, anime & manga, comics, TV shows, movies, and much more!
  • When: February 11th through February 13th, 2022.
  • Where: The East Exhibit Halls at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex (BJCC)
    • Address: 2100 Richard Arrington Junior Boulevard North, Birmingham, AL 35203

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1. Take Part in Alabama’s Largest Anime & Gaming Comic Con

(Birmingham Kami-Con)
You might see characters from your favorite TV show at Kami-Con! (Kami-Con)

Did you know that Kami-Con is Alabama’s largest anime & gaming comic convention? Now in its 14th year, Kami-Con was started by a handful of passionate students at the University of Alabama in 2009. Since then, Kami-Con has grown from a few hundred attendees to nearly 10,000 over the three-day convention.

Kami-Con is the places for enthusiasts to celebrate everything they love about Japanese culture, anime & manga, their favorite TV shows & movies, video games and so much more.

2. See Incredible Costumes + Enter Cosplay Contests

Whether you’re a dedicated cosplayer or not, its worth going to Kami-Con just to be dazzled by the creativity and dedication that con-goers have put into their costumes. Cosplayers from around the country travel to Birmingham to show off & compare their costumes at Kami-Con, and that’s not all.

If Cosplaying is your passion, Kami-Con’s Cosplay Contest is calling your name. Whether you’re new to Cosplaying or a seasoned master, participants in Kami-Con’s Cosplay Contests are in the running for some incredible prizes, including cash!

Click here to learn all about the Kami-Con Cosplay Contest.

3. Catch Live Performances

(Birmingham Kami-Con)
(Birmingham Kami-Con)

Kami-Con isn’t all costumes. Each year, Kami-Con host a number of performances, including live concerts, and this year is no different. Here are several performances you can see at Kami-Con at the BJCC:

  • Kazha — A rock band founded by a classically-trained singer/songwriter Kazuha Oda and guitarist Hideki Matsushige, Kazha has released several albums, including the self-titled “Kazha” in 2018.
  • Caleb Hyles — This Alabama native is famous for his YouTube covers of songs, ranging from Top 40 hits and hard rock to Broadway and anime. With nearly 1.6M YouTube subscribers, this singer is sure to entertain you.

And that’s not all! This year, Kami-Con is bringing back the beloved Kami-Con Dance. New headliner DJ Rob Roman is sure to bring his a-game, so this is one dance you don’t want to miss!

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4. Meet Special Guests like Yaya Han

(Birmingham Kami-Con)
(Birmingham Kami-Con)

Comic Cons are the perfect place to meet some of your favorite celebrities, and Kami-Con is no exception. This year, Kami-Con is welcoming dozens of special guests, famous for cosplaying, voice acting, writing and more. This year’s guests are:

  • Yaya Han — Cosplay Guest
  • Emirichu — Internet Guest
  • Kazha — Musical Guest
  • Faye Mata — Voice Actress
  • Sammy Guevara — Wrestling
  • Corina Boettger — Voice Actress
  • Darby Allin — Wrestling
  • Sarah Natochenny — Voice Actress
  • Adam McArthur — Voice Actor
  • Merryweather — Internet Guest
  • Bryce Pinkham — Voice Actor
  • Adetokumboh M’Cormack — Voice Actor
  • Sarah-Nicole Robles — Voice Actress
  • Kira Buckland — Voice Actress
  • Jill Harris — Voice Actress
  • Casey Mongillo — Voice Actor
  • Clouds (Amy McLean) — Author
  • Erika Harlacher — Voice Actor / Internet Guest
  • Dallas Reid — Voice Actor
  • New Era Wrestling — Wrestling
  • Cupoka-y — Local Guest
  • Caleb Hyles — Musical Guest
  • Samanta Inoue-Harte — Industry Guest
  • Brian Holder — Industry Guest
  • Blerdover — Charity
  • Maid To Be — Maid Cafe
  • Rob Roman — Musical Guest
  • Jonah Scott — Voice Actor
  • Anne Yatco — Voice Actress
  • Synthesized Reality Productions — Musical Guest

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5. Take Part in the Ongoing Kami-Con Story

(Birmingham Kami-Con)
Shio, Kosho and Shoyu—the stars of Kami-Con. (Birmingham Kami-Con)

Kami-Con is definitely not your average comic convention. Since the very first Kami-Con in 2009, organizers have put their heart & souls into creating an interactive comic storyline at the convention! Each year, con-goers get to interact with (and ultimately affect the outcome) of the story, which is organized by Seasons—just like a comic series!

The Kami-Con storyline follows two sisters—Shio-chan and Kosho-chan—as they run each year’s Con. Along the way, the duo meet new friends, battle enemies and have fun. Last season, the sisters accidentally crashed their spaceship into a mysterious beach planet. Who knows what this season will bring?

Click here to read all about Shio and Kosho and catch up on the story thus far!

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(Birmingham Kami-Con)
(Birmingham Kami-Con)

If you’re a fan of cosplay, Japanese culture, gaming, geek culture, anime & manga, comics, TV shows, movies and anything in-between, you DON’T want to miss Kami-Con at the BJCC.

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