ACREcom is Alabama’s ultimate Commercial Real Estate event—claim your spot today


The 22nd Alabama Commercial Real Estate Conference & Expo takes place on February 11.

ACREcom is a gathering of some of the brightest minds in Commercial Real Estate (CRE), hosted by the Alabama Center for Real Estate (ACRE) on Friday, February 11 at The Club in Birmingham, AL. Chock full of training and networking, it’s a can’t-miss event for budding and seasoned CRE professionals alike. Read on for full details and how to register today.

What to expect at ACREcom22

A star-studded panel. (ACRE)

In addition to rubbing elbows with some of the best in the biz during valuable networking sessions and admiring the Birmingham skyline from The Club, expect to gain insider knowledge on the world of CRE.

What’s on the docket for Friday, February 11? You can view the full schedule here.

Highlights of the day include:

  • A panel featuring two state secretaries, Greg Canfield and Fitzgerald Washington
  • Specialized trainings regarding environmental, social and governance concerns
  • Expert analysis on Commercial Real Estate’s future economic outlook
  • And much, much more

Register for ACREcom

You can register today for ACREcom on a group or individual basis. Feeling generous? Take a gander at their range of sponsorship opportunities, too.

Event details:

Meet session presenter and master of ceremonies, Cam Marston

Cam is one of the can’t-miss presenters at this year’s event. (Cam Marston)

If you’re a Commercial Real Estate junkie, you might not recognize his face…but I can assure you you’d recognize his voice. Cam Marston is ACREcom22‘s master of ceremonies. He’s known for his wildly popular radio show in Mobile, and corresponding industry podcast, What’s Working with Cam Marston.

At this year’s event, he’ll be speaking on “Selling Across Generations” and sharing the secret sauce for reaching multiple age groups in the ever-evolving world of CRE.

He has a strong following in Mobile and beyond, thanks to growing popularity of his content. He’s also got some big fans in Tuscaloosa—ACRE recently signed on as a presenting sponsor for his radio show and podcast.

“My exact thought upon learning Cam was going to launch What’s Working across the state of Alabama was ‘Count me in.’ I believe in Cam Marston, his decades of expert insights, his strategic reach and, in the end, our reward will be a more informed and professional industry serving Alabama consumers and business leaders.”

—Grayson Glaze, Executive Director, ACRE

Claim your ACREcom spot today! Sign up on ACRE’s website.

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