Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law ranks 4th in the nation for Best Quality of Life

Cumberland School of Law
Cumberland School of Law (JeVante Shropshire/Bham Now)

Great news for Samford students. Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law has ranked 4th in the nation for Best Quality of Life according to the Princeton Review. Keep reading to find out how this law school got its ranking.

Discover how Samford got this ranking + what students think

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John L Carroll Moot Courtroom. (JeVante Shropshire/Bham Now)

Located in Homewood, Alabama, the Cumberland School of Law has been able to hold its position as 4th in the nation for two years in a row. The ranking for the Best Quality of Life by The Princeton Review is based on answers from the students about their school’s resources, location, social life and community.

The Princeton Review bases its rankings on data collected from surveys of the students from over 160 law schools.

Students were able to give feedback on how reliable the professors are with their open-door policies, knowledge and the diversity of their qualifications.

“We needed help with our mock trial and we had to go to a professor that never taught us before. He was very happy and willing to help us.”

Asia Oden, 1L Cumberland Law Student, Samford University

Samford is a home away from home for students

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Culture. Community. Service. (JeVante Shropshire/Bham Now)

When I went by the Cumberland School of Law, students told me about the cozy and inviting feel that is constantly there. They even told me students get along like siblings. Students also stated that they cannot get this feeling at any other school.

“I really like this school. During orientiation, they talked to us about how great the community vibe is here and it is so accurate. I feel very at home and very comfotable here. I also feel that I have made freindships that will last a lifetime, and I feel confident in the legal professions I will graduate to.”

Treasure Sutton, 1L Cumberland Law Student, Samford University

Another ranking: Greatest Resources for Women

Nationwide, The Cumberland School of Law also ranked 10th in the category Greatest Resources for Women. The Princeton Review collected responses from the faculty and students on equal treatment regardless of gender.

“There has never been a moment where anyone has treated me differently. Everyone gets treated with the same respect and the professors show that they care about all of their students. The career office also provides a whole library of resources for us when we need it.”

Rachel Hollingsworth, 1L Cumberland Law Student, Samford University

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