Exciting news for LEGO lovers—BrickFair is coming to Birmingham Jan. 15-16

The LEGO creations at BrickFair are crazy cool! (Matthew Niblett / Bham Now)

If you’re a big LEGO fan, you can’t miss out on BrickFair—a giant expo for all things LEGO! Happening Saturday, January 15-Sunday January 16, this event will be full of fun games, unique brick creations and vendors selling one-of-a-kind LEGO items. Read on to learn about the details for the event.

What is BrickFair?

Get creative at BrickFair in Birmingham. (BrickFair LEGO Fan Expo / Facebook)

Imagine a convention all about LEGOS and its fans. If this sounds like your dream come true, then you can’t miss out on the BrickFair LEGO Fan Expo in Birmingham. Wander around a room towering with LEGO products, merchandise and games as you explore BrickFair at the BJCC.

You’ll see all types of sets from Harry Potter to Mario to Star Wars along with vendors selling special items like rare figurines, graphic tees, accessories and more.

Bonus: you can talk to other fans and find inspiration to build your own amazing creations!

Details on the Event

Can you believe these mini buildings are made completely out of LEGOs? (BrickFair LEGO Fan Expo / Facebook)

Here’s all the fun things to do

Look at the detail on this Star Wars LEGO from BrickFair. (BrickFair LEGO Fan Expo / Facebook)

To start off your BrickFair experience, you’ll want to walk around looking at the hundreds of built sets. There are some true LEGO building experts at this event, and they’ll have their best work out on display. You could spot anything from 15-foot-tall skyscrapers to detailed movie scenes, all made out of tiny, colored bricks.

If you want to add to your LEGO collection, you’re in luck. The expo will feature dozens of vendors selling sets, mini-figures and original products.

Finally, the best part about building with LEGOs is the interactive aspect, so, of course, there will be a variety of hands-on activities for participants to check out.

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