NEW: An art contest for high school students to design The World Games 2022 posters

Nick Sellers at The World Games 2022 mural
It’s time to celebrate art in Birmingham. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Have you seen posters for The World Games 2022 popping up throughout Birmingham? Now, thanks to a new contest, you could design the next one. Keep reading to learn more about The World Games 2022 poster competition for Alabama high school students, including how to enter and what you could win.

All about The World Games 2022 poster competition 🎨

The World Games 2022 art poster competition flyer
Ready to enter The World Games 2022 poster competition? Photo via The World Games 2022

All Alabama students in grades 9-12 can compete in this competition in partnership with The World Games 2022 and Alabama Power, Brasfield and Gorrie, Coca-Cola and Viva Health.

There are three themes for the artwork:

  • The World is Coming!
  • Sustainability
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

You can submit in mediums including photography, mixed media and digital until January 31, 2022. Learn more and submit your work here!

Let’s get to the good stuff—what do you get if you win? Each theme will have a first-place prize of $500 and their artwork being sold worldwide, a second-place prize of $250 and a third-place prize of $100. Plus, each winner will receive merch and event tickets to keep the celebration going all year long.

“We have communities of people who love art—both in the young people community but also artists around who make their living with art. You also have this spirit of need that connects people around purposes, such as sustainability or D, E and I.

This poster contest gives us the chance to blend two things: a community of people who have a passion around art and young people who have passion around art, and it centers around initiatives that can drive a difference in how people think.”

Kathy Boswell, The World Games 2022, Executive Vice President of Community and Volunteer Engagement

The fun doesn’t stop when the winners are announced. All proceeds from the sales of the posters will go toward the Birmingham Promise—a local nonprofit that offers Birmingham City School students scholarships, internships and apprenticeships.

A focus on supporting the arts in Birmingham đź‘Ź

Believe in Birmingham mural
It’s the right time to believe in Birmingham. Photo via Miranda Shaffer for Bham Now

If you’ve been keeping up with The World Games 2022, you’ve probably seen their involvement with art in Birmingham. In partnership with Hibbett City Gear, they’re bringing four new mural projects to Birmingham. The first mural, painted in Pepper Place by Blank Space Bham, shares the message of “It’s the right time to believe in Birmingham.”

While The World Games 2022 will showcase the excellence of athletes around the world, it’s also cool to see how the Games are already fostering a sense of art in Birmingham.

“The goal is to influence beyond these Games, so the initiatives are helping impact people’s thoughts and visions that will extend how they go back into the community. It can send a message that helps us be a better, stronger community that values each other and our differences.”

Kathy Boswell, The World Games 2022, Executive Vice President of Community and Volunteer Engagement

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