How one Birmingham startup is supporting teachers in an innovative way—discover Ed Farm Learn

ed farm learn
Last night’s launch was a PARTY! Photo via Madison Croxson for Bham Now

Last night, Ed Farm unveiled their newest digital tool, Ed Farm Learn. I was lucky enough to attend the launch party in person and hear about this game-changing resource for teachers. Read on for all the scoop. 

What is Ed Farm?

ICYMI, Ed Farm is a tech and education startup nonprofit, founded right here in Birmingham. Last night, they explained that their core mission is to break down barriers and increase accessibility in areas of computer science, STEM and more.

Their goal is to help teachers expose children to jobs they might not even realize exist. The nonprofit has a number of programs for students, teachers and even aspiring coders. Last night, they unveiled their newest project, Ed Farm Learn.

Get to know Ed Farm Learn

ed farm learn
A peek inside Ed Farm Learn. Photo via Madison Croxson for Bham Now

Think of Ed Farm Learn as a combination of your favorite group chat, mixed with high-quality reference materials and support on demand. It’s a virtual space where teacher fellows can sharpen their craft, learn from each other and inspire new ideas. And, since it’s virtual, it can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

The platform was designed with direct feedback and research from teachers, for teachers. It’s a one-stop-shop for networking, professional development and so much more.

Here’s a sneak peek inside the platform:

Video via Ed Farm

Why it matters

ed farm learn
The teacher panel was a hit at the event. Photo via Madison Croxson for Bham Now

We had the privilege of hearing from a panel of teachers last night. As one of their teacher fellows so perfectly put it, “kids these days learn to swipe before they learn to wipe.” She hit the nail on the head—think about how often you see children in restaurants or grocery stores glued to an iPad or smart phone.

This program is all about harnessing that innate interest and proficiency in basic technology and helping children expand it to transferrable skills. By equipping teachers with customized training, Ed Farm Learn empowers them to inspire and coach their students—the product managers, web designers and coders of tomorrow.

Bonus? It gives our hardworking teachers the support and community they so deserve after years of virtual learning in our COVID world.

“After teaching for 32 years, Ed Farm has been that extra energizer to get to the next level. Ed Farm for me has been the booster that has taken my classroom instruction to a new height. Now, Ed Farm Learn gives me a sneak peek into other teachers’ classrooms, to see [other teachers’] creative modes, and to be able to implement/integrate those ideas into my own classroom. It has forced me to be more creative in my classroom design and to think critically as I plan each lesson.”

Portrice Warren, teacher, William J. Christian K-8 School in Birmingham

How to get involved

As of December 2021, Ed Farm has engaged approximately 300 Teacher Fellows in 10 school districts across 3 states. Want to bring the Teacher Fellows program to your school district? Reach out to Beth Sanders, Ed Farm’s Vice President of Learning, at

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