HData partners with Alabama Power + makes Birmingham their new headquarters

HData founder, Hudson Hollister, giving his speech at the Techstars event. Photo via Billy Brown for Alabama NewsCenter

HData, an early-stage RegTech startup from Illinois, recently announced their plans to relocate to Birmingham. In addition, the company has decided to partner with Alabama Power to modernize regulatory compliance and business intelligence. Read more to get all the details on this new partnership.

HData + Alabama Power

hdata crew
Meet the crew. Photo via Billy Brown for Alabama NewsCenter

So what is HData? This startup aims to take full advantage of digital reporting by producing automated business intelligence—specifically for energy utilities. HData’s expertise lies in digitizing the network between regulators and private groups. 

In other words, Alabama Power will have an excellent partner to help create a stable financial system.

“Because of Alabama Power and Techstars, Birmingham, Alabama, is the best place in the world to build an early-stage company focused on utilities. There is no other place where this kind of network and this kind of support from Alabama Power and this kind of encouragement from fellow founders all come together.”

Hudson Hollister, HData CEO + founder

On December 7, Techstars Alabama EnergyTech Accelator held their Demo Day where nine companies across US and Canada showcase their innovations and utility solutions. Watch the founder, Hollister, talk about why HData is moving to Birmingham.

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New start in Bham

Birmingham stays winning for startups! Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

After their big announcement at Techstars, you can expect this startup to carry out its Data Hub solution. So what does that mean? Alabama Power will be able to share data with you more efficiently.

This partnership will create the next-gen of business regulations. That means getting data will be quicker and more reliable. In the end, this partnership benefits you by reducing the hassle of understanding your utilities.

FUN FACT: Alabama Power is sponsoring this startup with a $3 million seed fund led by Hyde Park Venture Partners and Firebrand VC.

HData is hiring! Join their team, if you love regulatory compliance and enable business intelligence.

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