Remembering the life of Douglas Adair from Alabama Wildlife Center

douglas adair
Douglas Adair (on the right) helping the birds of Alabama. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

Earlier this week, the Alabama Wildlife Center lost their executive director of eight years, Douglas Adair. He was a valuable asset to the Birmingham community. Join us as we honor his memory. 

Remembering his life

pic of doug with an owl
Remembering Doug’s impact. Photo via the Alabama Wildlife Center Facebook page

Douglas Adair’s early career as a lawyer helped him gain experience in helping the public. He also spent time at the Office of Public Liaison at the US Department of Agriculture. This made him a perfect fit for understanding the mission of the wildlife center.

Doug had experience as associate director of the White House Office of Cabinet Affairs, deputy director of public affairs and deputy press secretary at the USDA. His skills and history in management helped him become a successful executive director for the center.

As executive director, he helped the wildlife center grow and preserve the life of a myriad of birds across the state. He also helped the center narrow its focus on birds since their need is the greatest.

“Doug worked tirelessly in his efforts to promote this mission and was successful in securing funding to have a mew built to house two of the Center’s significant educational birds—a Eurasian Eagle Owl and, most recently, Shelby an American Bald Eagle. 

Alabama Wildlife Center’s Facebook Page

Please remember to promote love and hope for Doug’s family.

Alabama Wildlife Center

douglas adair alabama wildlife center
Baby Barred Owls at the Alabama Wildlife Center. Photo via the Alabama Wildlife Center Facebook page

If you ever traveled to Oak Mountain State Park, then there’s a high chance you’ve walked on the boardwalk that harbors rare Alabama birds in rehabilitation. It’s the mission of the wildlife center to provide care for animals injured across the state.

In 2013, Douglas Adair was named executive director. We’re proud to say he served a great eight years protecting Alabama’s native animals.

If you want to honor his memory, please donate to the Alabama Wildlife Center.

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