The story of lives miraculously changed—this is 50 years of The Foundry


Learn what The Foundry has been doing in our community. Photo via The Foundry

The Foundry has made a well-known name for itself as the leading addiction recovery center in Birmingham. With over 40k people served, they have made a huge impact on so many lives over the past 50 years. As they celebrate half a century of helping the people of our city, let’s look at what they’ve been doing and what they plan to do in generations to come.

Reflecting back on the past 50 years

Counseling is one of the core components of this ministry. Photo via The Foundry

Beginning in 1971, The Foundry, then known as the Bessemer Rescue Mission, focused solely on providing food shelter and clothing to those in need. In 1996, they added the recovery component to their mission, as they saw so many of the homeless people they were providing for struggling with addiction.

To create a long-term solution, they developed a new program that would change people’s lives forever. Their 12-month substance abuse and recovery program is faith-based and Christ-centered—giving hope to many who have lost sight of their purpose.

“In 2004 we took on the name The Foundry, playing off the steel industry terminolgy of a foundry, where scraps are discarded and molded into something useful again.”

Micah Andrews, CEO, The Foundry Ministries

Although the program ends after one year, the Foundry commits to a life-long investment with each of their graduates. Their aftercare program establishes a support system graduates can use at any time.

Some of the aftercare services include:

  • Education services
  • Job training
  • Church involvement opportunities
  • Individual counseling
  • Transitional housing as needed

Looking forward to the future

By donating to The Foundry, you’re creating jobs and resources for others. Photo via The Foundry

An automobile shop doesn’t start making planes after they master building cars. They find ways to make even better automobiles. This is the philosophy The Foundry Ministries is following for their next 50 years as they improve upon what they already do so well.

The Foundry Ministries focuses on addiction recovery, but it is their strong sense of intentionality and loving people well that really sets them apart.

“We have a phrase here called ‘love first love most’. That was our simple approach to how we’re going to approach people. Regardless of what people have been through or their history, when they walk through our door everything is equal.”

Micah Andrews, CEO, The Foundry Ministries

In our world, there will always be a need for a place like The Foundry. With continued help from the community, they will continue to restore the lives of those struggling through addiction and homelessness for many years to come.

How you can help make a difference

canned food
Join the Foundry’s mission by donating or volunteering. Photo via The Foundry

You can be a part of this ministry by donating or volunteering. It’s the season of giving, and by donating to The Foundry, you’ll play a big part in their mission to save thousands of lives lost to addiction and help struggling families in your community.

If you’d like to donate to this incredible cause, you can do so by contributing financially online, through donations to their thrift store or by donating your old car.

Shop at one of their three thrift stores in the area, and 100% of your proceeds will benefit the men, women and families of The Foundry

Learn more about The Foundry Ministries and all the incredible work they do by visiting their website, Facebook or Instagram.

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