Birmingham’s Theatre District is top on Fodor’s Go List

Stroll down Birmingham’s theatre district. Photo via Jon Eastwood for Bham Now

Birmingham’s Theatre District is a cut above the rest. Fodor’s, the foremost travel publication in the nation, has ranked our theatre district as one of the top places to go in 2022. Because of our impressive and historic buildings like The Carver and The Lyric, it’s no surprise that The Magic City has dazzled Fodor’s.

About Fodor’s

Landing is coming to Bham
If you’re traveling here, you can’t forget this absolute iconic mural. Photo via Bham Now

A vacationer’s guide for traveling anywhere, Fodor’s has made itself known as the travel expert. In fact, they have over 700 local writers who list everything you need for your vacay. So check out their recommendations on food, arts, transportation, and almost every tip and hack in the world.

Also, here is Fodor’s travel recs for Birmingham’s Theatre District.

Birmingham’s Theatre District is on top

Birmingham, The Carver Theatre, black history
Have you visited The Carver recently? Photo via The Carver Theatre’s Facebook page

The Go List is out and Bham is top in the Southeast! Fodor’s chose the Magic City because of its rich history and our three major theatres.

Following the theme of history and the early 1900s, Fodor’s highlights our jazz and classic film scene. If you’re from here, then you’re probably aware of Sun Ra, the jazz artist that influenced Solange Knowles. It only makes sense for Fodor’s to feature Birmingham’s jazz history as a reason to visit.

“This mid-sized, Southern city is home to multiple, century-old, restored theaters––showcasing everything from nationally touring bands to classic films to America’s unique Jazz heritage.”

Jenny Adams for Fodor’s Go List

They also chose Birmingham for our repertoire of BBQ restaurants. Well done, Bham!

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