More than a meal—this local nonprofit makes an amazing impact + you can, too


Jimmie Hale Mission
Jimmie Hale Mission More Than a Meal campaign offers much more than a single meal. Photo via Jimmie Hale Mission

What if I told you you have the power to positively change someone’s life… would you? Here’s a look at how Jimmie Hale Mission‘s More Than a Meal campaign is transforming lives this holiday season in Birmingham and how you can, too. 

What is Jimmie Hale Mission?

Jimmie Hale Mission
JHM’s Active Recovery program transforms lives in Birmingham. Photo via Jimmie Hale Mission

Making a difference in The Magic City for over 75 years, Jimmie Hale Mission (JHM) is one of the most well-known and beloved nonprofits in Birmingham.

Its goal: to help men afflicted by homelessness in Downtown Birmingham through education and remediation, job readiness and spiritual support. 

Throughout their journey, JHM has even expanded its efforts to impact even more people in Birmingham, including women and children and those impacted by addiction. 

Looking to give this holiday season? Support JHM in their mission to help those on their way to recovery in Birmingham.

More than a Meal

You may know JHM for their annual More than a Meal campaign and how $1.95 provides a meal. But it’s so much more than a meal.

For some time, JHM housed overnight guests alongside those participating in their Active Recovery program. 

Now, the nonprofit is changing gears, focusing their attention solely on those working towards complete recovery through their Active Recovery program in hopes of building healthy, self-sufficient and productive lives. 

What’s their Active Recovery program all about?

It’s a 15-week residential program that offers an intensive, clinically-structured, faith-based group approach to transformation. It leads clients to understand and overcome past traumas and life issues that contribute to their substance abuse, homelessness and unhealthy living.

Jimmie Hale Mission
Spiritual support is part of JHM’s program. Photo via Jimmie Hale Mission

By focusing on program participants, JHM is able to expand their efforts and address all areas of client health. Along with providing nourishment, shelter and sharing the gospel, your support also helps JHM provide a plate full of critical elements that transform lives, including: 

  • Mental support
  • Physical activity
  • Social rehabilitation
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Vocational training

“I believe we are called to be a part of transforming lives and, while that process can begin with a simple meal, it actually requires a much deeper response. We must be intentional about pursuing relationships with others in a way that establishes trust, so we can get to and treat the real traumas that are keeping our clients trapped in homelessness and addiction.”

Michael Coleman, Executive Director, Jimmie Hale Mission 

View this video for a behind the scenes look at JHM.

Help JHM meet their budget goals for 2021. Every donation in November and December plays a critical role in helping them fulfill their mission—give now. 

To learn more about Jimmie Hale Mission and their impact on Birmingham, visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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