New Cahaba Heights Chick-fil-a set to open Nov. 18

chick-fil-a Cahaba Heights
Coming soon to Cahaba Heights. Photo via Madison Croxson for Bham Now

Chick-fil-a lovers, I have some good news for you. The Cahaba Heights Chick-fil-a is almost open. The restaurant, located on Crosshaven Drive is opening this month and hiring now. Read on for full details.

Cahaba Heights Chick-fil-a

We’re still mourning the loss of the first Alabama Chick-fil-a, formerly located in the Brookwood Village mall. But, there’s hope on the horizon. A new location is scheduled to open in a few short weeks, on November 18.

The restaurant will be located at 3949 Crosshaven Dr, Vestavia, AL 35243. According to the website, it will be operated by Jerry Cotney.

Hiring NOW

They’re hiring now. Photo via Madison Croxson for Bham Now

Bonus? The chain is bringing jobs to the area. It holds open interviews on site every Wednesday, 3-5PM.

Those interested in serving up the signature nuggets, sandwiches and waffle fries can text CAHABA to 205-512-9119 for more info.

Cahaba Heights’ First 100

Chick-fil-a loyalists will be familiar with their iconic program known as the First 100. Typically, when a new Chick-fil-a location opens, the first 100 customers are awarded with something special—one CFA sandwich meal every week for a year. That’s 52 free sandwich meals!

But, don’t break out the tents just yet. According to their website, the popular program is currently on hold due to COVID-19. Instead, the chicken chain is providing meals for a year to 100 people making an impact in our community.

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