Local artist’s “sun” artwork featured on CBS Sunday Morning

This is Robin's seventh time being featured on CBS Sunday Morning.
Robin is pictured here with two new art pieces. Photo via Robin Nance Metz.

Meet Robin Nance Metz—a local artist and optimist. On Sunday, October 31 she received some “sunny” news. CBS Sunday Morning showcased Robin’s seventh (yes, seventh!) piece of sun artwork on their show. We’ve got the scoop for you, Birmingham.

From Montevallo…

Robin's has had many art pieces featured on CBS Sunday Morning.
As a child of the ’60s, her muse is heavily influenced by her vibrant childhood. Photo via Robin Nance Metz

Robin’s life has been like an artist’s palette—filled with a spectrum of colors.

In college, Robin studied art at the University of Montevallo and Auburn University. She then spent 20 years as a graphic designer and illustrator in the commercial sphere. Now, she lets her creativity flow with painting, illustrating and working with clay.

“I enjoyed the work but enjoyed my children more and I bowed out of the commercial art world. Soon after, I began painting for galleries. My background as an illustrator and my childhood influences merged into what has become my current work. In the past eight years, I was introduced to clay and have enjoyed seeing my two-dimensional work blossom into the third dimension.”

Robin Nance Metz, Artist, Birmingham

…to CBS Sunday Morning!

Robin's first sun artwork to be featured on CBS Sunday Morning.
Robin’s first sun artwork featured on CBS Sunday Morning. Photo via Robin Nance Metz

Let’s reel it back to one March morning in 2020 when Robin felt inspired to send an email to Jessica Frank at CBS Sunday Morning. Every Sunday, the show features sun artwork from artists around the nation. Robin was familiar with this and knew Jessica handpicked every piece of sun artwork on the show. So, she took a chance and sent in some photos of her artwork.

Then the unthinkable happened—Robin was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. She entered the hospital not knowing if she would leave. Yet, she miraculously left the hospital after 15 days.

Two weeks later, CBS Sunday Morning notified Robin that her artwork was going to be at the end of Reese Witherspoon’s Mother’s Day interview.

“It was such a delight!”

Robin Nance Metz, Artist, Birmingham

Since then, CBS Sunday Morning has showcased six more pieces of Robin’s sun artwork.

Living on the bright side

You’ve probably seen a piece of Robin’s artwork on CBS Sunday Morning. Even for Robin, it’s a pleasant surprise when the show is featuring her artwork.

Robin has been living with cancer for over a year now, but it hasn’t stopped her creativity or joy for life. The hope Robin carries with her overflows to her family and friends who delight in seeing her artwork on air.

“I am so happy that I have been given the opportunity to show people that hope is a good thing and it is real. You’ve got to focus on the good stuff. If you don’t, you’ll miss the sun, the moon, the cup of coffee on the front porch and the laughter of life.”

Robin Nance Metz, Artist, Birmingham
The Joy Gallery features Robin's latest sun artwork from CBS Sunday Morning.
The Joy Gallery. Photo via Robin Nance Metz

If you’ve followed us for a while, you know that we love supporting local artists. Join us in supporting Robin’s art at The Joy Gallery.

From November 7 to December 26, you can view the gallery online. To see her work in person, visit the gallery at Homewood Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Monday through Wednesday from 9AM-2PM.

Will you be visiting Robin’s art gallery? You’ll be able to see her latest work featured on CBS Sunday Morning! Let us know on Instagram.

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